26 July 2010

Shoe Without A Foot

A lone stiletto
Not exactly old
On an electrical box top
Near an old-style coffeeshop

Was it abandoned?
A waste that can't be condoned
Did the other heel break?
Next time buy a better make!

Or was she overdressed?
Hence unduly stressed
At being brought here
By a stingy date I fear

Then flung her stiletto
At the el-cheapo
And hastily departed
Quite broken-hearted

Or accidently soaked earlier
In the recent floodwater
Caused by the heavy rain
When one foot went into a drain

Now she's only air-drying it
When I paid an untimely visit
She never thought it so often
That a poem can be written

Maybe I'm only imagining
Like someone has been saying
Perhaps she was Cinderella
Who fitted nicely in a glass slipper

So had no use for the extra shoe
As she had found her beau
They probably left in laughter
And lived happily ever after

(Related post by Rick Burnett Baker here.)


yg said...

footwear or foot fetish? first, showed us your bare feet. now, a solitary shoe.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Wah Victor. Soon we'll have a book of poems by you.

I like the Cinderella connection. Nice touch!

Icemoon said...

Victor already planned his post-retirement career!

Thimbuktu said...

A lone stiletto at an old-style coffeeshop...an euphoria of a poem inspired on your blog, Vic.

Timeless and romantic. Cheers!

Victor said...

Icemoon, what post-retirement? Sell old one-sided shoes which I pick up on the streets?

Icemoon said...

no no, sell your book of poems as suggested by Andy. Even Chun See is publishing already!