31 May 2005

Taking Up The Challenge

You can call me Victor or Vic for short. This is my first blog and first post. I am a Singapore citizen residing in this tiny city state for almost 50 years now. It was my office colleague and good friend Chris who prodded me to set up my own blog. Chris is almost a decade younger than me but at times we both behave like we have never grown up. So that's how this blog came into existence. To me it is about taking up a challenge from Chris. (That's why this blog is also named as such.) I wanted to show Chris that at my age, I am not too old to learn something new like blogging. Admittedly, I am probably old enough to be a grandfather to some of the young bloggers out there. But hey, you are only as old as you think... or in the case of Chris and I, as old as we act.