30 September 2007

Life Is Full Of Ups And Downs

The above National Archives Of Singapore's photo of an old lift and the description of how it operated in my last post reminded Dr Tan Wee Kiat of one of his short grandfather stories.* (Note that the watermark on the photo is now right side up. NAS has proven to be an organisation which will not hesitate to turn things around, literally.)

I have modified the story a little. I hope Dr Tan won't mind:

Scenario - VIP visitor, who is a prominent lawyer, enters the old lift operated by an old man.

VIP: WOW! This old lift is manually-operated.

Old Man: Yes, it is an antique.

VIP: How do you like your job?

Old Man: Okay lah. Like every job, it has got its ups and downs.

VIP: It looks like a simple open-and-shut case to me.


Dr Tan is a doting grandfather, retired NIE lecturer, avid stamp collector, author and more, all rolled into one. He is the reason why I am one of the co-authors of this book.

* - Dr Tan leaves it to the interpretation of readers as to whether the word "short" refers to the grandfather, the stories, or both.

You can read more of Dr Tan's very interesting anecdotes here.


WK Tan said...

Hi! Victor,
Thanks for the value-added story.
The mention of a lawyer is actually quite appropriate; if I remember correctly, the old lift was in the Supreme Court building(which also housed the Public Service Commission offices) was a "cage" lift.
tan wee kiat

Victor said...

WK - Yes, I mentioned about that lift in my last post. In fact, I remember it very clearly because I took a ride in it in 1972 when I visited PSC.

Oh BTW, someone said that your blogsite is a fun read. I requested her to post her comments there.