05 May 2007

Is Cavalry Dead?

The cavalryman came to be 2 years ago
Horsing around was his motto
And horse around he did
Sometimes I was badly hit

I didn't take it lying down
When I was made the clown
Hit back for sure I did
At times extremely wicked

However it was all for the fun
Thought shine forever will the sun
But no it was not to be
Suddenly no more was the glee

First removed post abruptly
Then closed down blog completely
What's he up to?
I've got no idea too

He who introduced me to blogging
Now says he's quitting
What's going through his mind?
That is very unkind

He who taught me poems need not rhyme
A non-rhyming one is no crime
It only needs to have flow
But how to do I still don't know

So how could I accept your early demise
When I am still far from being wise?
Please will you teach me again?
This time I promise to be a saint

This for you is my blog obituary
In case you really are going to the mortuary
If new friend Kopi Soh can write one for you
It shames a good friend not to do same too

Yes what I write may be crap
But all ways and resources I'll tap
To bring you back to life
However keep the photo of your wife

Now I've tried
And I've cried
Just don't tell me that cavalry is dead
Don't wish that statement was ever said


Anonymous said...

Yeh ! I miss him too.

Anonymous said...

OH ye, what on earth happened to him?
Pls update us! Or get him to write on your blog ? hee hee....

Victor said...

Anonymous - Are you someone we mutually know? How would he know who misses him if you don't have a nick?

Tigerfish - I also don't know what overcame or came over him. As temperamental as all my previous girlfriends, haha. Seems like he doesn't even want to comment at atll and prefers a clean break.