22 February 2008

Like That Also Can Ah?

I apologise to all my readers for not having updated this blog for some time. If you are wondering what happened to me, I have been busy doing quite a few things:

1. I have been updating this blog daily instead.

2. I got a $299 Compaq laptop by recontracting with MaxOnLine for another 28 months and I have been playing with my new toy. No, blogging is not playing.

3. I also bought a new Compaq desktop with Windows Vista Premium OS last month. Since then, I had to recover the system twice because some system files were corrupted. The cause? Well, I would like to think that it was due to the instability of the Windows Vista OS rather than because my wife accidentally turned the mains switch off while the PC was still running a program. If you have done a system recovery before, you will know that it is a tedious and time-consuming process.

Hopefully, I will be able to blog more frequently henceforth.

You may be wondering why this post is titled as such. The answer is because my colleague forwarded this article to me the other day:

My reply to him was:

"I bet the strokes that he applied on his brush are no ordinary brush strokes.

And just imagine what substitute he will use when he runs out of oil paint!


Anonymous said...

My older cousin once said, "Chen Wen Hsi can use his hands to paint, sure can sell his paintings. If I did it with my penis, nobody would buy mine."

What do you think?

Do you think you must be someone with a big reputation or with extraordinary skill before someone buys your art work?

Cousin Boon if u are reading dont laugh ok?

Victor said...

Peter - I think nobody will buy a painting created by such a crude tool even if the one using it is a well-known artist. Not only that, the artist's good reputation would go down the drain if he suddenly switched tools like that.

Anonymous said...

Guess I'll never be an artist.....since i dun have the neccesary...errrr....equipment.

tigerfish said...

Hhaaahhhahha....colloquially said..."like that also can ah?" :P

Victor said...

Firehorse - You can be an upright artist mah. (I certainly don't mean "upright" as in what Tim Patch the Pricasso would probably have used that word for.)

Victor said...

The title "Like That Also Can" was used by my colleague who forwarded the news article to me. And I also like it very much wor.

Unknown said...

Hmmm.... wah I think the fella must have pretty thick skin for obvious reasons! Now I wonder how he keeps up the ...err....energy and enthusiasm to continue on hours without stopping. Viagra or Cialis?

Victor said...

Walter - Hahaha, good one! Your replies never fail to tickle me even more.