10 February 2008

More Chinese New Year Greetings

I think this CNY SMS message is quite cute and would like to share it with you. It consists of 12 auspicious wishes, each of them starting with a character of a Chinese zodiac animal. Some of the wishes very cleverly play on the similar sounds of different Chinese characters:

给您送上祝福。 原您鼠年开始 - Here's wishing you, starting from the Year of the Rat

鼠钱不完! Count (~rat) money to no end!

牛那样壮! As strong as a cow!

虎虎生威! As powerful as a tiger!

兔气扬眉! Success in everything that you do!

龙马精神! Health!

蛇得消费! Willing (~snake) to spend money!

马到功成! All your endeavours meet with success!

羊洋得意! Live in joy and happiness!

猴会有期! We will meet later (~monkey)!

鸡不可失! Catch every opportunity (~rooster)!

狗用就算! Sufficient (~dog) to spend is enough!

猪你发财! Wish (~pig) you wealth!


Anonymous said...

Which wan is Horse?? Sori i buta huruf, dunno how to read Chainis word.

Anonymous said...

Victor-thanks for your additional auspicious wishes.

tigerfish said...

Heee heee...this is funny! I like it!

Happy CNY to you and your family!

Victor said...

Kopi Soh - It's the 7th one, 马到功成. The first character 马 is a simplified "horse". The complicated "horse" is 馬. Which one is you? Haha. The character can be a surname too.

Stanley - You're welcome. Thanks for your comments.

Tigerfish - Glad you like it. Happy CNY to you and your family too. Taiwan must have celebrated CNY with full vigour, am I right? Any firecrackers allowed there?

Anonymous said...

The complicated one of course, if oni i were the simplified wan, sigh.......