07 March 2006

What? Another Crime?

Last Sunday, I bought a digital clock from a kiosk located beside Marine Parade Central Food Centre. When I read the English User Manual on how to set the time, I nearly fell off my chair. You see, this clock came with features which no other clock had:

per petual calendar;

sound of one team;

dripping alarm (I thought I bought a digital clock and not a water one?);

But this one certainly took the cake:

embezzling sleep.

My goodness, the English was simply atrocious - four glaring errors in just 3 points. Or was it intentionally disguised humour? Needless to say, I ended up even more confused than before I read the manual. The author had failed miserably. No prizes for guessing which country this product was made in.

It has come to a point where I purposely choose to buy this country's products just to have a good laugh reading their manuals. Maybe that is part of their marketing strategy. Now I have committed two crimes in the past week - one for corruptly accepting a lavish lunch and now for embezzling sleep. Book me Danno.


fr said...

Alarm time to come to fix for easily, do not want the confusion word or instruct.

Chris Sim said...

woa.. mr wordsmith.. not everyone engrish so powderhul like you one hor? If everyone so good like you, u where got chance to criticise and show off your tokong engrish? Gif chance lah.

Their engrish like dat, come olympic how ahh? Teach them Danno. LOL.

What corruption? Pse lah...it's just Cronyism.. ROTFL...

Danno, go get the man who quoted Jack Lord. LOL.

Victor said...

Wow, Frannxis and Chris, I didn't know that both of you learn Engrish too. Not only that, the two of you seemed to be quite conversant in it too. 真的是“好的不学”。