29 March 2006

T-shirt Slogans

Due to the protrayal of mature themes in this post, parental guidance is advised.

The words on a T-shirt can make a strong political statement:

Or convey a firm anti-terrorist message:

Or even give you a tip or two on what lucky 4-D number to bet:

But mostly, t-shirts messages are just harmless and humourous:

To save old people from straining their eyes to read the words, the above T-shirt messages are reproduced below:

1. (This one is dedicated to, erm... I better not say, wait kena clubbed.)

"I May Be Fat, But You're Ugly, And I Can DIET."

2. (This one is dedicated to VT, the only sucker smoker in our BAGUS lunch team.)

"If you think you are a Smoker, you are NOT. It is the cigarette that Smokes, you are merely the Sucker at the END."

3. (This one is dedicated to myself, hehe.)

"When I work, nobody cares. When I rest, everybody stares."

4. (This one is dedicated to Chris.)

"I'm not loafing. I work so fast, I'm always finished."

5. (This one is dedicated to MJM.)

"Your story has really touched my heart. I've never met anyone with as many problems as you. You have my deepest sympathy. Now! F@*K OFF AND STOP BOTHERING ME!"

6. (This one is dedicated to all men who feel inadequate. As I am too paiseh to transcribe the words, please read the words yourself in close-up photo below.) It is the T-shirt that takes the cake because it is not only graded triple-X but also triple-H as well - humorous, harmful and humsup, wahaha:

Although I am sexually liberal and dare to put this T-shirt photo on my blog (as I am on the subject of humsup posts anyway), I am not so sure if I dare to wear such a T-shirt to office or even around town. Chris, throw me the challenge.


fr said...

one good thing being a D - i rest and sleep most of the day

Chris Sim said...

what got go? u need the blue pill frannxis. Or the pink one. This is BAD news.

fr said...

aiyah Chris, i haven't posted the 2nd good thing being a D - i enjoy my work with my best friend, the P

where got oink one...

Chris Sim said...

Victor, do be very careful when you write things like "Although I am sexually liberal..." Do you have any ideal what it means to be called "sexual liberal"? People may misconstrue this to mean that you're promiscuous, which to the best of my knowledge, you are not. And even if you are, it's not something that one would want to shout about.

Back to the slogans on the T. I once caught a t-shit with the "Oral-B" logo and the caption: "Oral Me" in Bangkok. Was tempted to buy. No, not the real thing, but the T. But it's just not me wearing shirt like that. Unlike you, I'm not sexual liberal. LOL.

Victor said...

One of the meanings of "liberal" according to my Long[man] dick is "willing to understand and respect other people's ideas, opinions and feelings." Nothing there about being promiscuous. Not conservative = liberal, simple as that. Don't be so conservative or narrow-minded, Chris.

Chris Sim said...

Narrow-minded or not, you know how I am. Good thing you're not a gal. If a gal were to describe herself as a "sexual liberal", her blog would attain thousands of hits, with some obscene prepositions, I'm sure. And you would surely be the first in line. LOL.

Victor said...

What obscene prepositions, Chris? You mean like: behind, above, beside, below, in, out, in, out (repetition of words intentional), don't you? Wahaha.

Anonymous said...

grampa nx time dun hv to give warning at the start lah...whenever we visit yr blog we already prepared for 'parental disrection' wat...

anyway which kid under 13 will visit yr blog except me??!

Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon your blog. Had a good laugh at the dick t-shirt!! :D

Chris Sim said...

Frannxis. I'm quite convinced that you're "over the hill and on the pill" leow. Pink colour ones you dunno meh? It's giving the blue ones a run for their money. Go figure. Hahaha..

Victor said...

Hartini, thanks for dropping by my blogsite. I visited yours too and was impressed with the very nice photos you took in Pulau Langkawi. My good friend Chris also took some amazing photos he visited the island last year. He also snapped photos showing the eagles' feeding frenzy. (Chris, I tried to find your Langkawi post to show Hartini your photos but couldn't find the post. You've taken down the post, haven't you?)

fr said...

Chris, the third good reason being a D -i feel honoured because i help the Country to produce babies.

only heard of blue and orange, pink?..maybe fake one, hee...hee..u bought from backlane pedlars?

Chris Sim said...

Oh dear. I must be colour-blind. Is it really orange in colour, frannxxxis? Woa, u really do your duty hor. But got baby bonus or not? If you missed it, try again lor. Some people I know hor, when their children grown up already, they feel like having a pet, so they go try one again. Try lah. ROTFL.

Backlane one better don't buy. It either goes up and refuses to come down. Or it won't go up at all. I read from the paper one. LOL.

Chris Sim said...

Hi Victor, look up "Leisure" under "Categories" in my blog and you'll find the post on Langkawi.

Hi there Hartini. Yes, I was on a trip to Langkawi sometimes Dec last year. Enjoyed myself thoroughly. Do check out my post on Langkawi.

me said...

Hey i wanna say something,



Quoted off from Uncle Vic, "willing to understand and respect other people's ideas, opinions and feelings."

I AM! =x

Lam Chun See said...

Hi Etel, how come never visit my site for so long. You become more choosy about the kind of laudies you stalk nowadays izit?

I knew it was a mistake to put up the photo.

Victor said...

Chun See, I have waited patiently for 4 days for your comments. And when it finally came, it seemed off-topic. What a letdown.

I thought that there must be a reason why you seemed reluctant to be associated with this post. Ah... so it was because it was a mistake to put up the photo? Which one? The last one in this post of mine? Are you so shy (read conservative) to even refer to it directly? IMHO, elsewhere on the Internet, there are no lack of 'much less wholesome material' than mine. You obviously haven't visited Rockson at all.

Mind you, this T-shirt was not one of my private collections of sexy underwear but was part of a shop display in a busy shopping centre where even a toddler may look at it. (But then a toddler may be too young to understand the message so I guess it's okay.) Evan has even made the mistake of asking me to do away with the warning message at the beginning of the post. Maybe Evan likes humsup laudies, not prim and proper ones, haha.

However, if you have meant to say that you have put up a certain photo by mistake in your own blog which has the effect of driving Etel and Evan away, then I apologise unreservedly. Sorry hor.

Victor said...

Chun See, after a whole night of serious thinking, I finally realised that what you probably meant was the photo in the avatar that you put up for your blog. That one's not too bad what (except a bit serious-looking only) - it looks like you are Chris' age - so young, haha.

Etel is a silent stalker - she often stalks without leaving comments... but you can be sure she was there.

me said...

hey hey!! I still "stalk" around!! ok.. *off to uncle lam's blog to comment hahaaha*

photo? actually i didnt pay attention to the photos of u.. more like.. eh... i dont know what to comment on those blog entries.. because.. too long ago.. i never been to those places.. i dont know what to comment;... but be sure im ALWAYS AROUND the 3 LAP's (LAP .. u know? =x) blogS!!!

no worries about thaT!!!

Victor said...

Always around our 3 LAPs? Not sitting on top of them ah? Etel, are you getting suggestive here? (Naughty, naughty.)

Oh Lau Ah Pek ah? The in-word now is 'laudies', hehe.

Lam Chun See said...

Is that what u call it - avatar? Sorry to cause u 1 nite's serious thinking. Shd have used the energy to write another blog. (I just gave the Rambling Librarian one. Haha)

Victor said...

No worries, Chun See. Just kidding, as always.

Yes, one of the meanings of 'avatar' from a search on is: 1. chat, virtual reality An image representing a user in a multi-user virtual reality (or VR-like, in the case of
Palace) space.

Told you any info can be found on the Internet.