22 June 2010

Who Stole The Carved Ceremonial Pole?

Chun See went to Empress Place this afternoon but he couldn't see the Carved Ceremonial Pole from across the river.

I thought to myself, "Oh no! Could someone have stolen the Carved Ceremonial Pole?" If so, being an alert and responsible citizen, I must report the theft to the National Heritage Board. Otherwise, I could be accused of being bochap (couldn't care less, can't be bothered, complacent, etc.) just like what MRT staff have been criticised for after the recent case of the train vandalism came to light. However, I should verify the facts myself first. So I made a special trip down to Empress Place after 8 pm tonight (to beat the ERP because the pole was located inside the CBD).

To my great relief, the pole was still standing, as ramrod straight as ever. (The date/time stamp for this photo shows that I took the photo tonight, i.e. I did not cheat.)

Maybe my illusion trick made the pole look gigantic. Actually, it is only about 30-foot (9-metre) high, i.e. only slightly taller than a flag pole and a bit fatter, as the photo below shows. So Chun See could have easily been misled missed it, especially when he was looking from across the river.

So that the trip was not completely wasted, I might as well attempt a second shot of the old Marine Police Station:


Icemoon said...

Victor, did you stand on the opposite bank to take the photo?

Let's see whose second shot is better, though Chun See took his in the day.

Lam Chun See said...

Aaah .. Victor beat me to it. But I like his night shot. Can email to me or not? Without your signature pls. My picture didn't turn up too nice becos it was drizzing and overcast at that time. Anyway, I just posted my Second Shot.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Didn't even know there's a ceremonial pole around. Is it a Kiwi totem?

And a police station stood on the same grounds?

Thank you Vic.

Victor said...

Icemoon - I think you know by now that I stood at the opposite side of the bank to take the 2nd shot. I stood near the Singapura Cats sculpture. (Earlier, I had mistakenly called them Kucinta Cats which I believe is a name used by Sarawak for their cats.)

Chun See - I believe you have received the night photo which I emailed you just after your comment.

Andy - It certainly looks like a totem pole to me too. But if I am not wrong, "totem" is a term used by the Maoris in New Zealand. So the Sarawak people did not want to call it totem.

Icemoon said...
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Icemoon said...

I shot the "totem" unknowingly in 2009, for my blog post. It is so inconspicuous that we might have mistaken it for the stump of a palm tree.