21 November 2009

Old Singapore Quiz (14) - Old Blanket or Old Building?

The above photo looks like part of my old homemade blanket. However it is not. (In the olden days, thrifty mothers would save scraps of cloth left over from making clothes for their children. They would then use these mismatched scraps to sew blankets for the family.)

Quiz Question:

Where did these patterns come from?

Clue 1: This is an old building and not an old blanket.

Clue 2: This is not a rock climbing facility.

Clue 3: "These patterns came from Victor's camera" is true but not the correct answer.

Clue 4: Like all of Icemoon's quizes, this is an easy one.

Update on 24 Nov 09

Thank you for all your answers. It seems like this quiz is not so easy after all as nobody has got the right answer so far. Hence I will accede to Chun See's request for more clues.

But first, I am quite sure that most of you have seen this building before. If I show you the entire building, you would certainly have no problem identifying it. This seems to teach us a philosophical lesson, i.e. sometimes in life, when you look at a problem too closely, you might miss the wood for the trees and cannot solve the problem. You may need to take a step back and view the problem from a different perspective.

Okay, here are another 4 clues:

Clue 5: Like Whiteaways used to be, this building is located in town.

Clue 6: But unlike Whiteaways, this building is still in existence today. In fact, it has been conserved.

Clue 7: The 4 photos in the montage are all taken from the outside of the building. In fact, the 4 patterns are all visible from just one photo which I will show you when I reveal the answer in a few days' time.

Clue 8: One photo in the montage is deliberately shown upside down. It should be clear which one.

There, it should be much easier now. Happy guessing.

Update on 26 Nov 09

There are still no correct guesses. Alright, one last clue - a photo taken from the inside of the building. This should give the game away. If not, I will reveal the answers by this weekend.


yg said...

aren't these new designs on phone cards, which you are supposed to blog about?

peter said...


Have you heard that ppl take donated blankets from Chinese funeral wakes? In those days, ppl gave wreaths and Chinese calligraphy pasted on big blankets - you see them hung at the wakes. Those are the same blankets ppl use for their home since you just throw away the calligraphy and the cloth.

As a comment, I think sometimes it is not faire on younger generation for this kind of quizz. If you were not born then very difficult to give answer don't you think Victor?

Roger said...

I am clueless really. Something one may see at an arts/design school.

yg said...

tiong bahru area? some old building that has been converted into a hotel?

Lam Chun See said...

More clues please.

Icemoon said...

The only (geographical) clue is the reflection of the tree canopy from a window?

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

You really stumped me Vic. Again!
I realise now I don't know my Singapore.

peter said...

U were at the Asian Civilization Museum where you took the photos.

Ngiam Shih Tung said...

Former Institute of Health building at Outram Road ?

Victor said...

Thank you for all your answers so far. Since nobody has given the right answer, I have updated the post with another 4 clues.

YG - No, it is not a phone card design. Neither is it an old Tiong Bahru building. Like what all teachers like to say, you've got to try harder.

Peter - This building is still in existence today and young people should have seen it before. No, not Asian Civilisation Museum.

Roger - Not art design school.

Chun See - Will you stop asking for more clues? Anyway, you got your wish. :-)

Icemoon - Yes, there are trees near the building. In fact, there are trees everywhere in Singapore. (Great help, huh? Haha.)

Andy - Stay tuned (not to your old PYE radio) for the answer. BTW, I like your answer more than "more clues please". :p

Shih Tung - Not the former Institute of Health.

Mr Brown - Woah, for a moment I thought you were Mr Lee Kin Mun and not the renowned historian Dr Loh Kah Seng.

dotdotdotz said...

Could it be Victoria Concert Hall?

Victor said...

Dotdotdotz - No, not Victoria Concert Hall nor Victoria Memorial Hall.

Victor said...

I have updated the post with another photo taken from inside the building. That should make the quiz easy like chicken feed.