03 May 2009

Old Singapore Quiz (7)


1. What is the name of this place in Singapore?

2. What was its old name?

3. What was it popularly used for in the 1970s?

4. What is the name of the eatery located there?

5. Where was the eatery formerly located?


1. The place is more than 30 years' old; and

2. As is obvious from the photo, there are water, greenery, and sunlight (or rain in inclement weather).

For the answers, check out Victor's blog in a week's time.


polestar said...

my guesses! if i am not wrong its toapayoh garden right, i m not sure of the old name though.

for the famous use of the 70s, is it popular place for people to take wedding photos? i remember seeing one of my uncle's photo which is taken there.

if its toapayoh garden, then it would have to be the oasis restaurant. its formerly located at kallang, next to the stadium. its also where my parent got married!

fuzzoo said...

Toa Payoh garden! I used to go there regularly to feed the fish when i was little. Popular place for bridal shoots. Was the restaurant there called Lucky Restaurant? Wish i had gone there for my wedding shoot. Fortunately the tower has been gazetted a national monument and is safe.

Lam Chun See said...

Ah ... regret not going to Oasis a last meal before they closed it down.

Icemoon said...

So many oasis in singapore. There was one at stadium waterfront right?

peter said...

OASIS Restaurant & Night Club was popular because of a) waitresses very chio and speak English and b) after midnight supper was served especially Teochew Porridge. Popula rplace in the 80s for wedding dinners.

yg said...

so, oasis is now in toa payoh garden?

Ngiam Shih Tung said...

I vote for Toa Payoh garden too. There was a seafodd restaurant there originally but I can't remember the name. The chronology is Toa Payoh garden closed ~1999 (?) and used as temporary bus interchange during construction of HDB Hub. Garden re-opened in 2005 and Oasis moved there in 2008 after it was kicked out of Kallang.

seenthisscenethat said...

My guess:

1. Toa Payoh Town Park

2. ? Toa Payoh Town Garden

3. Outdoor wedding photos

4. Oasis Taiwan Porridge

5. "Float" on Kallang river basin