24 May 2009

Answers To "Where Can You See This Mountain From Singapore" Quiz

You can never hide a secret from YG and he can never keep it. Why do I say that? Because he's right on 3 counts! The photo was indeed taken from Civil Defence Academy (CDA) at 101 Jalan Bahar where I am attending a course (not about how to change light bulbs). He's most probably right again about the mountain in my photo being the same Gunung Pulai which Icemoon blogged about here and here.

When you compare the images of the mountain in Icemoon's blog and mine, they look different. However, this is hardly surprising as even a Christmas tree can appear crooked or straight, depending on the angle you see it from.

YG scored a hattrick of right answers when he said that these high mast lightings had raising and lowering devices to facilitate the changing of light bulbs.

Some of the high mast lightings appear to have to be manually lowered (and raised) as these photos of maintenance work at the Toa Payoh Sports and Recreation Centre show:

(Notice the external straps at the side of the light mast in the first photo above. I am not surprised if someone had to climb up the mast to thread the straps and unlatch some locking device in order to bring down the lights or luminaires, as they are called.)

In contrast, the high mast of CDA has an electric-powered winch to aid in the lowering and raising of the lights. The high mast lightings are of Lycorpole brand which is marketed by a Malaysian company called Lysaght Marketing.

You can refer to a technical drawing of the 30-metre Lycorpole high mast below. (Click on the drawing to view a larger drawing.)

(Notice the "non-slip and fully self sustaining double drum winch" and the "detachable electric power tool c/w gear box".)

Now watch the YouTube video below on how they change the light bulb on top of Empire State Building. (Warning: Not recommended for viewing by people who suffer from acrophobia or vertigo.)


Icemoon said...

Not fair, you oldies 'baka' one. :P

By the way, the high ground from where you took the photo looks interesting. Eh, is it a pak-tor spot?

Victor said...

No, I didn't pakat with YG. Anyway, how many mountains do you expect to see from Singapore? (I suspect it is only one, considering Singapore's "little red dot" size.)

The photo was taken on the 2nd floor of the CDA's main building near the auditorium. However, it looked like it was taken from higher ground because the ground is lower in the immediate foreground of the camera.

peter said...

Batam also got mountain", very visible on a clear day.

Victor said...

Peter, thanks for the info. Maybe Icemoon could make Batam's mountain his next quiz?

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Victor,
Like yg you seem to be pretty handy with the camera. But the one yg took, that was quite a handful.

Your blog, like yg's astounds me. Didn't realise the vast nooks and corners of Singapore can so fascinating.

Keep up the challenge.

Victor said...

Thanks for the compliments, Andy. It is not that I am pretty handy with the camera, it is only that nowadays, the camera is pretty handy. Haha.

Admin said...

Hi Victor, is there another way (for a resident of Sg who is not afraid of heights) to watch the video clip? It says video is not available. Thanks.

Victor said...

Hi STST, I swear that I have seen the video and it played well when I blogged about it. Don't know why they are now disallowing the link. (Hmm... maybe Icemoon can help?)

Anyway, I found Joe McNally's blog and you can refer to some stills from the video here.