26 January 2009

Old Singapore Quiz (5)

1. Who used to occupy the premises behind this pair of forlorn-looking gates?

2. Where is this location? (Give the road name.)

3. In which housing estate are the flats in the background located?

4. Where did the former occupant move to and when? (Give the address and year.)

Update on 2 Feb 2009 - Answers to Quiz

1. Singapore Leprosy Relief Association (SILRA).

2. Lorong Buang Kok.

3. Buangkok estate.

4. SILRA Home is located at 80 Buangkok View, Buangkok Green Medical Park, Singapore 534191 since 1 Oct 2005.

Although the letters had been removed (no photoshopping at all) and were worn by time and weather, a cross and the words "SILRA HOME" are still faintly visible on the wall near the gates.

Leprosy is called ma2 feng (痲風) in Chinese. During the period from 1962-67, the average number of newly registered leprosy cases in Singapore was slightly more than 200 each year. The number of new cases is steadily declining and now there are about 30 cases a year.

You can find out more about the disease from SILRA website here.


yg said...

alamak! new year show old gate. must get icemoon to 'unnoise' it. some letters, on the left side of the photo, are faintly visible.

Lam Chun See said...

Got hints or not. I do not know the place, but I know the car at the gate is a Renault Scenic :)

Victor said...

Yg - I didn't add any noise to the words on the wall. Other than adding my name, the photo was not retouched or as the IT savvy would say, not photoshopped.

Victor said...

Chun See, the clue is supposed to be in the faint words on the wall. Alright, to save the oldies from straining their eyes, there are two words on the wall. The 2nd word is "HOME". What's the 1st word?

Ok, here's another clue - this place and the houses in the area will be demolished soon.

Your guess about the car model is wrong. It was someone else's car, not mine.

yg said...

victor, i think your mission was to take pictures of the old kampong and you happened to park your scenic car outside the not-so-scenic gate, so you 'shun pian' took a photo of the gate (for this quiz).

Victor said...

Yg - Ok, I got the message that you know the answer. But then again, that was not my car. Yes, you are right - this was a side mission. :)

Anonymous said...

The image reminds me of a mansion at Hillview.

Victor said...

No, Alan. It is not at Hillview. The post has been updated with the answers.

yg said...

victor, you had assumed i knew the answer. actually i thought it was trafalgar home.

Victor said...

Yg, are you trying to take more credit than you deserve? :p

You only identified the correct location ("the old kampong") but you didn't give a right guess. I didn't suspect that you know the answer.