09 January 2007

Now Who Has Poor Eyesight?

Was on leave today
'Cos car's power window gave way
With bicycle hung behind car
Sent boys to school and wife to Novena

Yet arrived workshop early
Left car at Leng Kee
Around town on bicycle I roamed
All of Civic District I combed

Weather wasn't kind today
It's been raining whole day
Since in town with time to spare
Might as well take up the dare

Visited Adelphi 2nd floor
Dared not knock on door
Saw woman putting up a streamer
Must be decorating for Lunar New year

Dared not pose as customer
Heard such people got beaten up, by her?
So quietly a photo I took
And she didn't even give me one look.


eastcoastlife said...

Waaaahhhhh! Stalker!!!!
Why dun come nearer to take the photo? I would have gladly posed for you.
Alamak! You! hahahaha........ Lucky I wasn't hammering my hubby!

Men making poetry with me in it.... (faint liao, excuse me, swoon).

Victor said...

No, not stalker but paparazzi, haha.

me said...

GD u know how to compose poems! omg!

and who is this lady? beat up by her? tell me the story!

Victor said...

GNE, got open your eyes wide wide and read first comment or not? Tsk, tsk, tsk, now I am wondering who really got poor eyesight. Maybe it's time you pay a visit to her shop liao, haha.

Can only tell you in private. Afraid wait not only kena beaten up but sued till my pants drop. Wahahaha.

I not only write poems but make a good paparazzi too. Would do anything for a blogpost. Want me to turn my attention to you?

Anonymous said...

At least the Singapore licensing authority is quite broad-minded (with sex), compared to the Johore authority which does not allow car-plates numbering starting off with JEW.

Victor said...

Er... Zen no leh. That number plate was not issued by the Singapore licensing authority. My car was carrying a false number plate, I mean I altered the number plate using Photoshop editing software lah.

Singapore authorities did actually ban the SEX series of number plates. In fact, they banned all number plates series for which the middle letter is a vowel, e.g. SIC, SUC, SOB, SOW, etc because they may have offensive meanings to some people.

You may want to read how my false number plate in the photo originated here. It also seems that you don't quite get the message which my false number plate is trying to convey. But that I cannot explain in public here, so sorry hor.

Anonymous said...

so nice hor, got time 'to stand and stare' and write poems...

i also don't get the message...are you aware there is a site sex69.com...or you give them free publicity also... wahahaha..

Anonymous said...

Oop, sorry, that is a problem of not being a motorist, easily being conned. Talking about 'conning', my cousin who was an ex-ASP(retired) told me that some con-men are so good in their trade, that even the police have difficulty in getting them, though he got one big fish behind bars, clever cousin of mine.

Chris Sim said...

Don't be so naive Victor, I'm sure Zen was juz pulling your leg. SEX 69 4U? He ate more salt then you ok? And probably felt the earth moved looooooong before you did. Tsk..tsk..

Jayne - woa... aren't you flatted, I mean flattered? Two "fun guys" in a row wrote poem for you. Did the other Chris write one for you too? Ever? I think I'd also take a trip to your shop and look see look see one day (very free nothing better to do). Wondering if you'll start giving all the men who walk into your shop the "look-over", saying to yourself ..."hmmmm... wonder if this is Chris ... or Victor.....hhmmmm..." That would be fun. Wahahahaha....

eastcoastlife said...

OMG! I'm so paranoid these days, every time a man walks in, I reach for my baseball bat! wahahaha.....

A, dun like tat lah! Now I have to dress up & look good or else kena caught looking like 'aunty'! Tired you know!

I notice more people walking pass my shop. A, please, macam I'm like the Thai 'Gold-fish Bowl'.

Come in and say 'eastcoastlife', so I know u saw my blog. Then u get a punch. hahahaha.......

Anonymous said...

Chris - Please do not over-rate the old chaps. They are at times as blurred as 'sotong', but there was one notable exception, the former president by the nicknamed Ron, though a B grade hollywood actor, but he was so media savvy and loved by the American people that they elected him for two terms. Ron was famous for being blurred, but he was clever, he delegated most of his work to his aides, leaving PR promotion to himself. One day he was shot by an assassin. While falling down, he exclaimed: "Darling I forgot to duck!", actually directing this message to his supporters vide the reporters surrounding him, clever ?

me said...

oh.. i didnt understand the first comment until u HINTED BIGBIG. NOW I KNOW whahaha NEXT TIME BRING ME ALSO XD

btw i really want to change my specs eh... got discount bo =x

Victor said...

Frannxis - I not only got time to 'stand and stare' and write poems, I also got time to take photos too. And I don't believe that you didn't get the message.

Chris - Hey, who are you saying 'very free nothing better to do' huh?

Eastcoastlife - Very hospitable of you to serve your guests fruit punch. But I still prefer coffee.

Zen - 'They elected him for two terms.' Did that mean that Ronald Reagan was loved? The American people also elected Bill Clinton (1993-2001) and George W Bush (2001-present) for 2 terms what. Are they loved? Well, I know that the former was at least loved by Monica Lewinsky but how about Bush? His popularity rating has taken a big tumble ever since America attacked Afghanistan and then Iraq. And he still does not have an exit plan in place (from Iraq, I mean and not from the American presidency).

Elaine - Hmm... it must be because you need to change your specs that you also missed my previous post in which I recommended you a cheap Japanese restaurant?


me said...

GD: know what? i REALLY missed that previous post! i read ALL ur entries one! ahhh i dont know why i missed it.. grrrr... i MUST change my specs!!! so any discounts ECL? =x

wow... newton place.. so far.. but i will go try! when i go i sms u ok ok? but the boyfriend is busy these days.. plus i have my other bf to attend to - my oven. ho ho ho ho ho

Anonymous said...

Victor - Your observation of US presidents is really sharp. We should also know that the millions of dollars are used to spin the so-called lovable image of the to-be-elected president, and this political strategy is really formitable, particularly done by professional spinners. They can even project the candidate as heroic, selfless, family-oriented, corruption free, in short a faultless person, until the election is over, when the true colours of the president emerge and the electorate is suddenly awakened from their dream and found out that they have been taken for a ride. This is why Shakespeare says: "The world is a stage..."

me said...

anyway to have a backtrack so i will not miss any of your entries? :p

Victor said...

Huh backtrack? GNE, you are the IT guru so you should be telling me how to do it, hee. I went to blog settings and saw something like 'allow tracking by weblogs.com' where other people can track changes to my blog. But I don't know how to do it leh. Anyway, I have enabled it so maybe you can take it from there? (Perhaps a new button will appear in my blog so anyone interested can request to be notified? Wow, am I getting popular or what, hee.)

My dear (& getting lazy?) GNE, I have also set it such that my new post will be sent to your email address everytime I publish. However, I can only input one email address and you are the chosen one for the moment :). But should you find that my posts are becoming more like spam to your mailbox, just let me know anytime ok? :p

Victor said...

Correction, GNE. It is 'Notify Weblogs.com' and I have switched it from 'no' to 'yes'. But no new buttons appear on my blog leh.

me said...

"My dear (& getting lazy?) GNE, I have also set it such that my new post will be sent to your email address everytime I publish. However, I can only input one email address and you are the chosen one for the moment :). But should you find that my posts are becoming more like spam to your mailbox, just let me know anytime ok? :p "

YIPPEE! I did receive!!! ive put my comments in your new blog! yay im loving this XD