23 October 2006

My "Achilles Heel" - An Update

I appreciate all who offered words of concern and encouragement when I sprained my ankle recently.

When I put up a blog photo of my swollen left foot, Chris smsed me and said accusingly "You photoshopped that photo, right? You think I dunno?" This Chris really thinks that I am so free ah? 真的是幸灾乐祸, 落井下石. Ironically at about the same time, he still dared to blog about being religious and compassionate some more. Although my ankle was hurting, he was making my toes laugh.

Dr Goh P L who attended to me on 18 Oct 06 at the CGH had referred me to the hospital's Sports Medicine Clinic (SMC) for an appointment on 20 Oct. When I smsed Chris about this, he responded that since there was no fracture detected, my ankle should heal in time. So Chris accused me again of gengging (Hokkien for malingering).

On 20 Oct, I kept to the appointment despite Chris' teasing. At the SMC, I saw Dr Benedict Tan, the renowned sailing sportsman. He was very friendly and said "Hello" to me first.

Dr Tan is a Consultant Sports Physician at CGH. He is renowned for his achievements in another "s" sport - the field of competitive sailing. He was also awarded a Medal of Commendation in the Singapore Youth Awards 2004. However, Dr Tan was not the doctor who attended to me. Instead, I was attended to by Dr Roger Tian H H who diagnosed that I had almost completely torn two of my ligaments in my left foot. If you must know the medical term for the ligaments, I think they are called the talo-fibula ligaments:

Although ligaments may heal themselves, healing normally takes about 6 weeks. Swelling on the other hand on my injured foot may persist for several months. I was advised to take more RICE. No, not our staple grain but "Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation". The healed ligaments would also be weaker, looser and more susceptible to further injury and pain. The situation was worse in my case because my injured ankle had one or two similar injuries previously and was thus already considerably weakened. He also pointed out from the x-ray images that the edges of some of the bones in my left ankle had some spurs or spikes. (The edges are smooth in a normal ankle.)

On further physical examination, Dr Tian found that my left ankle joint was unstable, meaning that it had become too loose from old injuries. Hence there was a good chance that I might injure it again in the same way in future. He recommended that I should go back to the clinic for regular physiotherapy sessions. The first session was scheduled on 30 Oct. He would see me again on 17 Nov to see how I responded to the treatment. He would then decide on further suitable treatment for me. He would not rule out surgery but if it was not so serious, he might just prescribe an ankle brace for me so that I could continue roller blading more safely:

Shucks, I should have bought a size 9 blade for my left foot and a size 8 for my right.

So Chris, once again you have wrongly accused me - this time of gengging. Out of genuine concern and not revenge, I would strongly advise you to seek medical opinion first before you take up roller-blading. I am not being a wet blanket here but do you remember that old hairline fracture in your right foot?

Read more about the treatment of ankle and foot injuries here.


Chris Sim said...

Well Victor, your "Achilles Hell" is certainly not your "S"prained ankle. It's your other "S" passion, which is "S"ex.

You then "wayang" one. For goodness sake, it's juz a sprained ankle lah. As for having photoshoped your foto, please lah, since your're quite a pro in photoshop (remember how you made a laughing buddha sulk? How dare you!), it's only natural for me to think you could have doctored the foto of your foot wat....

Admit it pal, you are OLD. The proof is in your brittle bones. And pls don't worry about the previous hairline crack I suffered on my ankle. I was told that when a fracture is healed, it becomes as strong, if not stronger than it originally was. Search the net and proof me wrong.

Lam Chun See said...

Wow; I didn't think it was that serious. No wonder so moody. Seriously, maybe its time to consider something safer like Tai Chi. A bone expert at our church said that most broken bones cases he saw were old people who fell; but much less among those who practiced taichi' pobably becos they had better sense of balance.

Chris Sim said...

Aha... chun see... If you remember my posts on Tai Chi, the art "tai chi" is also believed to improve the kinda performance confined to the bedroom. Victor would be most pleased. Hee.

Anonymous said...

Lest people think that sex is a less dangerous sport, than say skating, please check up with the doctors first. Many a bed-room warrior, usually male, dies on this comfortable platform, usually through heart-attack.

Victor said...

Zen, thanks for your advice which I believe is particularly applicable for me, heh.

Anonymous said...

Just joking, in case people may label me as a DOM - dirty old man. Anyway the heart is a very kind organ which has not taken a day vacation leave since birth up to now. Do not abuse it. The best part is that it gives us many early warnings, and if we choose to ignore them, then....