16 September 2006

Woah! This Convenience Store's Really So Convenient Ah?

While other bloggers like to write about controversial and serious topics that attracted over 60 comments from people we didn't even know existed, I prefer to blog about sex light-hearted and funny stuff.

Just a while ago, I was at this convenience store to buy a copy of Wan Bao and some condoms. While I was paying for my purchase, a scrolling message on the cash register caught my eyes:

I did a double take. Woah! I thought that this convenience store has now diversified into selling not only cups of Slurpy but also "cups" like these:

It's so convenient. At least, now my blogo-friend Elaine need not go all the way to Isetan to get her B-sized cups.

I stared at the scrolling message for one more split-second:

Then another split-second:

Cheh, I thought what. That's the trouble with scrolling messages. There's a real danger that you might get the wrong message if you don't stare at it long enough. Haha.

Okay, I better stop here. If not, the blogo-policeman will again ask me if I have run out of topics to blog about. :p


bossacafez said...

its uncle chun see's post that has over 60 comments, not god-damn... i mean, god-dad uncle chris'. the way u wrote like BOTH of them got 60 over comments each = 120 comments LOL.

ya lah, i know u r out to trick us coz i go 7-eleven everyday. i know the word is not bra, unless its really a typo. that reminds me of this kenny sia post some time back. he took photo of this toilet (think in KLCC) which is really luxurious coz got body shop perfume, talcum powder etc for patrons' use. he purposely took the photo of the body shop perfume called 'oceanus' in an angle which shows the word 'anus'. LOL. ya quite good lor, since its a toilet post. wicked sense of humor u all!

p/s : oceANUS perfume is available in singapore's body shop too. got time can go there smell smell. heh.

Chris Sim said...

Evan, don't be rude ahh, or 干爹 will cut you out of his living will!

Victor, I read the paper today about the suit filed by a church goer against her priest for an exerorcism rite that went wrong. A priest was quoted in the article as having said "Demonic Possession is not that common. What is more common is Demonic Obsession. The latter will lead to uncontrollable rage, jealousy and fear or obsession behaviour, such as the constant urge to indulge in pornography"... meaning.... obsessed with sex lor. Scary hor? Does that mean you're in a state of Demonic Obsession hah? So scary ....

Lam Chun See said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lam Chun See said...

Victor, didn't I warn you before not to put your name to photos of products you don't actually sell. Not scared your employer sack you for engaging in side line is it?

Not that I want to be long-winded. My article was shamelessly 'patriotic' but it was anything but controversial.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Victor,
I enjoyed your Bra-Bran-Brand posting about the scrolling sign in the department store.

I once had a somewhat similar experience. There was a department store in Ang Mo Kio Centre that had a flickering neon-light display of its sign -- XYZ DEPARTMENTAL STORE. The following week when I was in the same area I saw the same neon sign but this time it was flashing XYZ MENTAL STORE.
Apparently the prefix 'DEPART' in 'DEPARTMENTAL' had departed (short-circuited).

Victor said...

Evan - Don't be naughty. There are young people reading my blog, you know.

Chris - Don't anyhow say things. Especially about demons. It is still the seventh month now.

Chun See - You are right. I have no share in this convenience store. If your post was not controversial, how could it have generated over 60 comments?

Wee Kiat - Thanks for commenting on my blog for the first time. Your story about the departmental store turning 'mental' is equally funny. I enjoyed reading it too. But wait... are you trying to say something about my mental state?

Lam Chun See said...

There is nothing Uncle WK can comment about your mental state that your regular readers don't already know.

Victor said...

Chun See said...

>Not scared your employer sack you for engaging in side line is it?

The right term to use (which all the young readers here can understand) is 'dooced', Chun See.

The term 'dooced' is Internet-speak for 'getting fired over something you’ve written in your blog'. Please refer to this link for more info.

So that's the 3rd Internet-age term you've learnt, after 'avatar' and 'meme'.