28 February 2006

The Joy of Owning A New Car (and Taking Swipes At A Friend)

My good pal and colleague Chris collected his new car today. Although Chris was not a first-time car owner, this was the first time that he bought a brand new car. And at a basement bargain price of less than 50K on the road, what a joy it must have been for him. I was on afternoon leave to share his joy and a lunch with him. What are friends for anyway?

But the problem was that Chris' favourite car colour was actually black. However he finally settled for champagne gold because it was his wife's favourite a more neutral and popular colour. A few weeks ago, I was at Lifestyle (yes the shop in my last post which had since closed down). I saw a model car which was the car model Chris bought and it was in his favourite colour. So I bought it and would be presenting it to him tomorrow as a gift:

So you see, I do bring business to the shopping centre, not just window shop and take photos. (Big mistake, Miss Moods shopkeeper!) Sigh, the extent I would go to, just to please a friend, not just to put up a blog. And the extent that a friend would go to, just to take a swipe at me. Some people can be ungrateful. Tsk, tsk, tsk.


Chris Sim said...

Awww... pal.. your're so sweet... but you'll be sweeter if you'd offer to pay for the real thing, you know... Joking of course Victor. And to think that you actually got up at 3 am to blog about this!

Thanks pal, from the bottom of my heart, for helping in my car purchase. Wouldn't have done it without your sound advice and recommendation. Now, let's go for a spin, in my car of course! Zoooommmm!

Victor said...

You're welcome, Chris. It is only a small favour for my friend, no need to be so formal lah. Also am glad that everything... well almost everything went quite smoothly (except for the spoiler-no-stock hitch).:P

Wah it's been a long time since the last comment with no swipes :).

iml said...

Chris, you are a real gentleman. After all it's the make and design that matters.