18 June 2005

Unusual Discovery At The Science Centre

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On 16 Jun 05 (Thu), my family went to the Science Centre. It was our umpteenth visit there. (Where else could we bring our children to during the school holidays?) As always, at the ticket booth, I asked to purchase 2 adult tickets and 2 children tickets. The ticket seller took a glance at my elder son and promptly asked, "How old are your children?". I did some quick mental calculation and said "13+". "I'm sorry Sir, but the children ticket is for 12 years and below only", came the polite but firm reply. Quite embarrassed, I paid up for 3 adult tickets and 1 children ticket immediately.

Children grow up so fast that sometimes it takes an incident like this to make you realise that they are fast growing up into adults.

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Chris Sim said...

Couldn't agree with you more Victor. My wife and I couldn't help noticing how tall my "senior junior" has grown in the span of just a few weeks. He's putting up at the Grandma's and that observation was made today while we were at the Mainland Fish Farm. He's taller than me now (let's ignore the fact that I'm vertically challenged). I used to joke that one day, he will hove over me, threatening his old Dad to get things done his ways. Hopefully, that day will never materialise. Haha.