18 June 2005

Clarke Quay

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This is Clarke Quay. It is on the bank of Singapore River. It used to be a part of old Singapore until it was redeveloped into a commercial/shopping area some 20 years ago by Capitaland. The facades of the old buildings have been retained so that the area maintains its old world charm after redevelopment. This place brings back many wonderful memories for me. In the early 80's, there used to be a stall in one of the coffeeshops there which served very delicious Teochew minced pork noodles.


Chris Sim said...

I used to live near that locality, Club Street to be very exact. We stayed in one of the "five-foot-path" houses, what was called "wu-jiao-jie" in Chinese. Life then was much simpler and easy. For 50 cents, my mum got a bowl of prawn noodles. And we used to ask granny for 5 cents to buy sweets from one of the carts stall manned by an old lady.

Hmm... the way you described it Victor, its seems your "wonderful memories" consist mainly of food hor?? Hehehe.

Victor said...

Chris, not say I want to say, when I mentioned Ubi, you said you stayed there before and now you also say that you also stay near Clarke Quay before. Hmm... you seem to have stayed all over Singapore before hor. I only can draw 3 conclusions:

a You live a nomadic lifestyle;
b You upgrade you abode very often;
c You have 'come of age' and since S'pore is such a small place, moving places every few years means you would have stayed all over S'pore.

No, memories which I consider precious consist of relationships. Nice food only happened to come along, hee.

Chris Sim said...

I was raised in the Chinatown area, having spent my childhood there. The gahmen (as you would have called it) resettled us in a HDB flat in Ubi because they need that area for development. The house were I lived in Club Street has been preserved for its historical value. The whole stretch of Club Street has been turned into pubs and restaurents, and advertising firms. My Dad told me to drive him there once just to take a look at the house where he too grew up in. Sometimes when I drive pass that area, I was filled with fond memories which I shan't bored you with.. Perhaps another time. Let's see if I can post some old photos (my Dad aught ot have some, methinks)of club street and post them in my blog.