30 October 2009

Old Singapore Quiz (13)

This quiz is really for the oldies. Why? Because the above photo was taken in the early 60s. By mid 60s, the building looked completely different. So if you are above 50-year-old, you might just remember this building. Of course my quiz is still open to young people like Icemoon. But to prevent his uncanny ability to read very small signs, I have doctored out all the telltale signs, including what little remaining background the photo still has. However, I have decided to let the "No Parking" sign remain as I don't think it will give the game away. Can you spot it? (Sorry, this is not a quiz question.)

I am sure people like Peter Chan should have no problem with the quiz though. Hmm... should I bar people like him from taking part?

Quiz questions:

Q1. What was the name of the building at that time?

Q2. What was it used for?

Q3. Where was its location?

Q4. The building changed ownership in the 60s. Who took over the building?

Clues if you need them:

C1. The building was in town.

C2. It is no longer around.


Thimbuktu said...

Victor, I am 50 plus plus but I am completely clueless as to the name and location of this building... although you mentioned that the building was in town. Reason is: until when I was almost 18, I only roam around the vicinity of the Bukit Ho Swee kampung, Havelock Road, Tiong Bahru and Outram Road.

So I am waiting for the the answer to the quiz to learn something about historical buildings in Singapore I didn't know.

Lam Chun See said...

I am also past 50 and haven't the faintest idea what is this place. Better give more clues.

PChew said...

It was Whiteaway Building at Fullerton Square. The site was later replaced by Bank of China.

PChew said...

Oops! The China Bank building was next to Whiteaways. Malayan Bank Chambers took over the site.

Icemoon said...

Thanks to clue by PChew.

The building was beside and predated Fullerton building. I found a photo showing this building and Bank of China, so this should be current Maybank site. But the modern Maybank building was completed after 2000, so the previous owner could be the answer to Q4?

peter said...

Whiteways (John Little, Robinson were the other 2 in that area) was a department store. Then the same building turned into a bank after Maybank bought over.

yg said...

victor, sometimes you just need someone to show the way. this time, it is philip. after that i went to look for 'bank of china' in the national archives and i found that building (whateaway) next to it.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Wah, Vic. You're the man! Don't know where. I am truly ashamed of myself. I shouldn't have glued my ears to the PYE radio at home when I was young.

PChew said...

Answer to Q4. In 1962 the Whiteaway Laidlaw Building was purchased by Malayan Banking.
Before Whiteaway the site was occupied by Flint's Building until 1910.