23 November 2007

Alisan Here I Come

Hi Guys and Gals,

I will be going for a Taiwan tour from 24 - 30 November 2007, so I may not have the opportunity to update my blog and go visit yours for a week or two.

Meanwhile, please take care.

But wait a minute... Alisan is NOT on the itinerary. Dammit!


Anonymous said...

no alishan!!!! how can it be!

anyways, GD u removed mi from ur notification huh? i dun see ur entries in my email anymore :(

Victor said...

Ya lor. I am going with my 67-year-old mum-in-law. Old people cannot climb mountain mah. Hahaha.

No, I didn't remove you from notification. Must have been automatically removed when I upgraded to the latest blogger. Will take a look at where to set it when I come back ya.

Shao Hongxi, Singapore said...

Does you or anyone has pics of the cowhead & 7th fairy festival? I feeling nostalgic with the good times.I was born opp Maxwell Market and grew up in Neil Rd, New World Amusement Park, Upper Pickering St. Since we are perhaps from the same era, I am inviting you, everyone who visited this blog, to visit mine at.. http://cantonoperasing.blogspot.com/ and http://sporepac.blogspot.com/.
Shao Hongxi

Anonymous said...

GD u're backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.. pls blog! Can't wait!

tigerfish said...

Alisan is near where I'm currently at, in Taichung. You can tell me what you feel about Taiwan after you return. Frankly speaking, I don't like it.

Victor said...

Hongxi - Thanks for visiting my blog. So sorry, I don't have any "cowherd and weaver girl" images.

BTW I can't load your first blog http://cantonoperasing.blogspot.com/. It says "Page Not Found".

Victor said...

Yes GNE, I am back. See this post.

Anonymous said...

tigerfish > i love taiwan! but i dun like taichung :p

GD: im waiting for you to blog!!

Victor said...

Tigerfish - Oh you're in Taiwan for a tour too?

We didn't visit Alisan but went to Sun Moon Lake.

I have nice things and not-so-nice things to say about Taiwan. Watch out for my next few posts.

Victor said...

Etel - But I just blogged. :P

tigerfish said...

Etel, maybe you can suggest few places in Taiwan I should visit? :P
I really don't like Taichung city. So polluted and so backward. I feel like in a worse than 3rd world country!!!

Victor said...

Tigerfish - Have you visited Tarako Gorge in Hualien? It has very nice scenery. Too bad it was raining when we visited it and we couldn't really tour the place.