23 March 2007

And The Winners Are

*Drum roll*

It's time to announce the winners for the "Chingrish - Guess The Product" competition! First let us recap the guesses. There are a total of 12 guesses:

1. Chris - Viagra (I don't need it. You can save it for yourself.) Deodorant spray for armpit - I've no wish to turn off my "natural turn-on mechanism".

2. Kenneth - Laxative - I've no problem shitting.

3. Chun See - Wash basin filter - You only have 5S. This thing has 5x5S plus 400S.

4. Shilpa - Herbal Tea Mix - Nice try Shilpa, but I am not a health freak.

5. Frannxis - Thing for toilet bowl - Disinfectant/deodorant/cleaner lah, what "thing"?)

6. Meow - Refrigerator odour remover - I got no cat food in my fridge wor.

7. Zephyr - Fertilizer - Don't need this either, I am fertile enough.

8. Dawn - Medicated sponge - Got such thing meh? Heard of medicated soap and medicated shampoo before. But medicated sponge? Is it the sponge with medicated soap that you forgot to wash off?

9. Tigerfish - Odour remover - Partly right. But it not only removes tigerfishy smells.

10. Stanley Foo - Antiseptic mouthwash - Aiyah, why is everyone suspecting that some part of me smells? Yes, I smell... but like a rose, okay?

11. Firehorse - Toilet bowl cleaner - Nope, even my toilet smells... good.

12. Alphabet soup - Room deodorizer - My room smells good too.

Thanks to all of you fun and sporting people for your guesses. Please pardon me for my tongue-in-cheek comments - they are all for fun. The verdict is that none of your guesses was 100% correct. Half of you (6 out of 12) are half correct - those who mentioned cleaner, filter or deodorant/deodorizer. So for Chun See, Frannxis, Meow, Tigerfish, Firehorse and Alphabet soup, you win the Veteran Award:

For Kenneth, Shilpa, Zephyr, Dawn and Stanley Foo, you win the Novice Award:

Now come the special award winner, Chris. Because he broke the rule by guessing twice, he wins the Booby Award:

The product is "Super Porous Bio-Ceramic Rings". It absorbs and promotes beneficial bacteria growth for biological removal of ammonia and nitrates for my aquarium:

Go on, print out your decoration and decorate your wall with it. Muahahaha.


Anonymous said...

Wah, this "Super Porous Bio-Ceramic Rings" look like "pang sai zua"(toilet paper)...buahahha....your fish needs it? LOL! This product ensures your fish lives in a healthy environment, then everyday your fish gets to "dump fuel" EASILY. No constipation...kekekkeke...
BTW, algae supposed to perform the same job?

me said...

GD u very eng ley.. go and photoshop all the things.... must be too many leaves so u so eng.. :(

im working on a saturday :(

KopiSoh said...

Aiseyman, can bring home medal or not? Dis wan first medal I get in my whole life lah.

Lam Chun See said...

You typical city folk. To remove fish waste, should do it the natural way. Waste money and destroy the earth only. Next time come my house I ask my son to explain to you lah.

BTW, where to buy this thing ah?

Victor said...

Jayne - Sigh, more colourful language.

Tigerfish - Aiyah, should have given you the Imaginative Award. They do look like pang sai chua indeed but it's a hundred times smaller - for fish's backside hole mah, muahahaha. Algae can clean water meh? Country folks' method izit? I use a pleco (sucker fish) for cleaning algae so my aquarium got no algae wan.

Elaine - So sorry that you have to work today and I empathise with you. But I make no apologies for my dig at Chingrish.

Firehorse - Got read the last sentence in my post or not?

Chun See - Thanks for inviting me to your house. Date/time? Lunch provided? Can bring Chris along? No need to buy. Next time I come to your house, I bring some along as gift. (Cheap cheap only mah. No such thing as a free lunch, remember?)


Shilpa said...

What the FISH?!?! Aiyah, who would have won with something like that?! Wah lau, didn't even know such things existed! Cheh! Cheat my feelings only!

Anonymous said...

Where, where...I look up, down, left, right, still cannot see the "special" award for me ler....
I sua ku mah...no idea of the ecosystem happening in the fish tank:O

Chris Sim said...

Apa ini? Hello Unker, I think I deserve more than a booby award ok?
How can those who guessed it cleaner, filter or deodorant/deodorizer be given a Veteran award? I also guessed it as a deodorization product mah. And I where got guess twice? Go read the thread properly lah. Buta.

Hey wait.... did you mean booby prize as in BOOBy prize... Jizus.. I think I'm the buta one... okok.. I'd accept the prize with gladness. Hehehe...

Funny entry, Victor. As Etel wrote, you very the "eng" izzit? LOL.

Anonymous said...

hee, aquarium also toilet bowl - for the fish..so, shouldn't those who mention toilet bowl get top award.

Victor said...

Shilpa said:
>Cheat my feelings only!
You mean you offered your feelings? Sorry, sorry, I didn't know that. But then, this is a game only. Why so serious? Hee. Everybody won what - you got novice award.

Tigerfish - You got Veteran Award. If not good enough, can photoshop it yourself lor.

Chris - I am not saying that the game is rigged, but you already won that prize before the game started. I know that you like boobs.

Frannxis - Yes I saw the recent news item in which someone turn a water cistern into a fish tank. Seems like such a fish tank is designed for men because we usually face the cistern when we pee. As for how women do it, I really don't know because I never peeked in before. Wahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Victor- Thanks for the award. In my whole life I have never received any award except the long service award when I was in the government service. I will treasure the award and frame it for display in my living room.

KopiSoh said...

Got read but must oso ask permission again lah just in case.

Victor said...

Firehorse - Haha. Don't have to be so careful with me lah. I can take much more shit than you think.

Shilpa said...

Eh Victor, no need to ask permission one lah! I so flattered that you added me! Actually I added you about a week ago, dinch ask you permission, so asking now, heh heh!

Victor said...

Shilpa - We have great minds that think alike, hehe.