29 October 2012

Old Singapore Quiz (25) - Old Road in 1930s

I received this email on 24 Oct 2012 from a UK gentleman by the name of Mr Peter Howard:
Hi Victor,

I stumbled across your blog when looking for old photos of Singapore. My father went to work in Singapore in the thirties before the Second World War, for the British government I believe.

I have found a post card, which I have attached [above], that he sent to my grandmother of [place name deleted by blog author] Singapore, and on the back he has written, "This photo is of [place name deleted by blog author] our premise (sic) are unfortunately around the corner on the right hand side of the picture."

Do you recognise this from the photograph and do you know the name of the street to which he refers?

While I am asking you all these questions, can you tell me if there is anyone or any organisation I can contact who would hold records of this period and enable me to find out more information concerning his stay in Singapore?

He loved living there and had to return to England when he contracted Yellow Fever.

I would really appreciate you sending me an email with any information you might have.

Best wishes
Peter Howard
I did a bit of research and found the answers to Peter's question quite easily. However, I suggested to Peter to put up his questions as an Old Singapore Quiz. I am confident that this quiz is easy and senior persons old-timers will have no problem providing the correct answers.

Q1.   What is the name of the road in the photo?

Q2.   What is name of the building shown on the left side of the photo?

Q3.   From 1930s - 1970s, what goods was sold in the 2-storey building which is partially shown near the right edge of the photo?

Q4.   What is the name of the road (where the premises of Peter's father was located) that runs to the right of the photo?

As usual, complete answers to the above quiz will be revealed in a week's time.


n.i.C said...

orchard road? near the mcdonald house and plaza sing, juz before the junction that leads to The Cathay.

Anonymous said...

Is this Selegie Road?

Pastimes said...

It is Orchard Road. The building on the left is Amber Mansions and the shop on the right sold pianos. No too sure about this but I think it is Oldham Lane.

FL said...

Agreed with Pastimes that there was a piano shop along that part of Orchard Rd.I have seen the former piano shop around 1979/80. Also, around the early 1970s, I remember there was a coffee house/cafe, the name I think it's called "Les Bistro" quite close to the piano shop. I visited this air con cafe once with my NS friends back then. It was so long ago.

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