19 September 2010

Who Were The Soap Stars?

Who were the soap stars in the last post? Both Andy and Frannxis thought that the Chinese star was Li Li Hua (李麗華) while Chun See was not sure.

Above photo (right) was reproduced from this website.

I think that both Andy and Frannxis are right, although the woman in the left photo seems to have smaller eyes than the one on the right. Hmm... maybe they grew bigger as she matured? The eyes, I mean.

Nobody made any guesses for the Hollywood actress though. I believe that for the cinema-goers in Singapore at that time, Chinese films were more popular than English films and hence we are more familiar with Chinese actresses. I know it is not a fair comparison as Li Li Hua was born in 1924 while the Hollywood actress was born some 32 years earlier in 1892. But still, not many people in Singapore then were educated enough in the English language to appreciate Hollywood films.

I think the Hollywood actress is Ruth Chatterton.

Above photo (right) was reproduced from this website.


fr said...

I found an actress with small eyes, Lan Ying Ying, that looks like the Chinese star.

Victor said...

Thanks Fr, the photo of Lan Ying Ying does indeed look a lot like the Lux soap actress who is supposedly Li Li Hwa.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Do I get a prize?

Victor said...

Haha Andy, so you're a night owl too, eh?

I can give you a cake of Lux soap as a prize but you must turn up for our next FOYers meet to claim it. :-)

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Promise. This time sure, sure must come! One cake of Lux soap; oh what I can do with it.