30 August 2010

Then And Now (1)

I am starting a new series called "Then And Now". Wherever possible, I will try to attempt "second shots", although I know mine will never be as precise as those captured by Icemoon.

To start off this series, what could be more meaningful than to show you what my secondary school used to look like and how it looks like today:

Today, the old Victoria School building is occupied by People's Association HQ. The newer science block behind the main block was demolished to make way for a new tall block that you see now. Somehow, I find that the new building does not blend well with the old facade of the building. But still, I am very grateful that the old building, which dates back to the 1930s, has been conserved.

By the way, did you know that the old building was designed by the same architect who designed the old Kallang Airport building which by some strange coincidence, was the old PA HQ? Do you know who is he? (Note: This is not a quiz because I don't know the answer myself.)

To round off this post, I would like to show you a panaromic view of the Jalan Besar area as seen from the same spot. You could see Jalan Besar Stadium on the right. (Click on the photo to get a clearer view.)

Oh my, how lucky the residents of this HDB block are - they could watch every football game held at the stadium from their homes!


yg said...

i guess 'then and now (2)' will be the albert street sit flats.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Vic,
Yes it's a great label, 'Then And Now'. Lots to write too.

I used to call mine, 'Manhunt' ie: seeking former band boys and girls.

All the best with the concept. Should prove challenging again!

Anonymous said...

Nice 2nd shot Victor. I wonder is there a need for so much space for the PA HQ? Are they conducting classes there too? It look rather odd with the tall building protruding out in the centre.

Uncle Phil said...

Hi Victor,
Is that what Victoria looks like after her facelift?

yg said...

the lapse between the two pictures could not have been very long because the cityscape remained more or less the same except for an obvious change of colour in one of the buildings. or was it photoshopped?

Anonymous said...

The architect was the then Chief Govt Architect Frank Dorrington Ward


PChew said...

My brother was a student at Victoria School in 1949.
Not all HDB residents in the area can have a good view of the stadium. Can you tell me from which angle your photo was taken?

Victor said...

YG - No photoshop here. Just plain old photography.

Thanks Anonymous for the information. The architect of Victoria School@Tyrwhitt Road was indeed Frank Dorrington Ward.

Philip - The photo was taken from the staircase at one end of the top floor of Blk 806 King George's Avenue.