17 May 2010

Old Singapore Quiz (17) - Old School - Answers

I think YG knew the answers to the last quiz but the gentleman in him didn't want to deprive others of the chance to have a go at the quiz. James gave a partially correct answer.

Q1. What was the name of this school in the 1960s - 1970s?

A1. Delta West School, Delta West Primary School or Delta West Integrated School would all have been correct answers. DB1688 attended this school from the late 1960s till the early 1970s. He is appealing for ex-students or ex-teachers of Delta West Primary School from that era to contact him.

Q2. What is/was the school's location?

A2. Delta Avenue was the official address of the school but the school is actually nearer to Indus Road.

Q3. Is the school building still around?

A3. Yes, it is now Delta Senior School of the APSN (Association for People with Special Needs.

Below are the second shots of the 3 photos. You can see how much (or little) has changed over the last 45 years. (I took the new photos in Sep 2009.)

The front gate of the school. Notice that the sign in the old photo says Delta West Integrated School.

The school building.

The school field.

As for the answers to the alternative question to name 3 makes of vehicles shown in the photos, they are a Volkswagen van (as Chun See rightly pointed out), 2 Mini Clubmans and 1 Mercedes Benz. These were quite common makes of vehicles on our roads then. (In fact, my first car was a Mini too.)

Here is another old but well-kept Volkswagen van that is probably still plying our roads today. (I took this photo almost 2 years ago.)

Photo Credits:

All old photos (circa 1965) are courtesy of the National Archives of Singapore.


Icemoon said...

Victor, you could have parked your car at the porch, like the Mini.

Lam Chun See said...

Congratulations. Looks like you have mastered the art of 'secondshot' precision photography.

Anonymous said...

Hi Victor,

Saw your blog on the old school which happens to be the school that my father was the principal of in the early 1970's. His name was Mr. Ponnampalam and what was interesting was having a non-Chinese principal in charge of an area that had predominantly dialect-speaking residents.

Hope there are students or teachers from that period that remember my dad.