27 June 2009

A Business Proposal For Marina Bay - Will It Work?

(This is an article written by my friend Peter Chan.)

"Singapore needs to plan for and invest in our city so as to safeguard our position as a premier place for business and talent. With its waterfront location and availability of unencumbered land, the Downtown at Marina Bay can be Singapore's competitive advantage, providing the opportunity to develop a unique business and financial hub as a seamless extension to the existing CBD (Central Business District)."

Photo 1: Model of the Downtown at Marina Bay

“The planning vision is to develop the area to provide prime office space for global business and financial institutions, complemented by a full range of residential, shopping, dining, and cultural and entertainment activities. Hence, the Downtown at Marina Bay will not be just a place for work but will be a business and financial hub that is integrated with quality housing and recreational and leisure facilities to provide a total live-work-play environment.” URA Vision Statement (2004)

So far, the progress has been very impressive:

Photo 2: Left; Marina Sands Casino, Right; One Raffles Quay, The Sail and Marina Bay Financial Center.

Hmmm…another project, another concrete jungle! How about some rustic charm that beats everything that has been called “entertainment” so far?

Photo 3: Floating Bar & Restaurant in the middle of Marina Bay with transfer service from pick-up points at Clifford Pier, Marina Sands Casino and the Promontory@Marina Boulevard.

Photo 4: Options for Transfer Services; “Quickie Quickie” or “Slow Boat”.

Photo 5: If you happen to lose your way, just look out for these prominent signboards.

Photo 6: On-board the deck is the “watering hole”, there will be space for a bar and a restaurant. Diving is also permitted.

Photo 7: Variety and reasonable prices on food and drinks.

Will this proposal work?


Victor said...

Peter, is the Floating Bar & Restaurant really located in the middle of Marina Bay? Is it still there now?

peter said...

It was never there in a physical sense and am not sure whether it would be there. It's ONLY A CONCEPTUAL It's an idea that came from the the Philippines' Subic Bay area.

Victor said...

Peter, I have found the link to the Floating Bar. (Warning: Content incidentally not suitable for those aged below 18-year-old.)

Mike said...

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