11 May 2008

Some Unusual Sights At East Coast Park (3)

Those of you who happened to be at Tiong Bahru Market on 7 May 2008 (Wed) morning would have feasted your eyes on Joanne Peh and other young pretty MediaCorp actresses doing some marketing in their bikinis. (The "marketing" that they were doing was the buying of items like live frogs and squids and had absolutely nothing to do with Joanne Peh's so called "newly grown" assets and their attractive bodies.)

Well, I certainly missed out on that tantalizing display of assets by the bevy of young beauties. All I saw was the rather mild and disappointing photos in the New Paper report the next day. I said "disappointing" because as you probably know, everything looks flat on paper, even Mount Fuji.

So when I saw what looked like someone flying her oversized bra at East Coast Park last Saturday, I thought to myself, "Ah, every dog has its day".

I did a quick scan of the surroundings to see if there was any top-heavy woman gone topless. But all I saw was this dark-complexion man:

He was flying his Revolution kite (Revo). And if you think he's called a "kite flyer", go fly a kite - pardon the language but he's called a pilot, ok?

A Revo is a very maneuverable sport kite that is controlled by a four-line system. With movements of your thumbs forward and backward, it gives you the ability to fly the kite forward, backward, sideways, speed up or slow down, even come to a complete stop i.e. hovering in mid-air like a helicopter. You can even spin the kite like a propeller - you choose whether to spin it clockwise or anti-clockwise - the control is at your finger-tips, literally.

Utilizing these unique characteristics, pilots can fly just about anywhere, whether individually or in formation flying with other fliers. They can even pit their skills against other fliers in a competition.

Watch the Revo kite-flying video here:

(Sorry, as you can see from the video, the kite was so fast that I had trouble keeping it framed all the time. As this is my first YouTube upload for my blog, please be more forgiving.)

Believe it or not, the Revo was invented way back in 1989! (Hmm..., how come I only know about it now?) You can read about the history of the Revo here.

But get this - if you are interested in flying the Revo, be prepared to have US$269 (S$365) fly away first (sorry for the pun). That amount of money will only buy you a basic Revo, complete with lines. So better start saving S$1 every day for one whole year if you plan to fly the Revo a year from now. That is certainly a far cry from the 5 or 10 cents I used to pay the Ah Neh of the mama stall for my paper kite in the 1960s. And if I made my own kite, it was even free. But then again, my kite was not so fun to play with... and it also didn't look like a pair of bra.


Read about the many different types of kites here.

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Anonymous said...

I just found out there is para-sailing off the Lagoon in east Coast Parkway. Managed to take some nice photos from Laguna park high up at my friend's flat.

Victor, may I suggest you wanna see bikini-tops, you must go to this section of ECP on the road to Changi Naval Base. I feel shy because I got tummy but the bronze-looking Huks and Beaus really got "standard".

tigerfish said...

Heh heh, the Tiong Bahru story sounds more interesting. And from the picture you have here (probably also newspaper-style), it's not flat leh! Geez...but guys and girls always have different standards and eye-for-beauties, ya ?

Anonymous said...

hi victor,

can i know which part of east coast park are the stunt kites flier flying?Tks

Victor said...

Hi Anonymous, I think the place was near the Big Splash (now renamed Playground at Big Splash). However, I am not sure if they are still flying the kites there as it has been several months since I last saw them in action.