28 April 2007

Six Weird Things About Me

I've been tagged by Noel to do this meme.

1. I don't dig my nose in my car but I shave in it (my car, not my nose that is, LOL).

No, not with shaving foam and razor. (What, you think I am Mr Bean ah?) I am a very busy executive, you know? Besides, with all the time I spent blogging, especially mindless memes like this one, I always wake up too late to shave in the toilet so I end up shaving in the car. But if shaving in the car is weird, why did they come up with a product like that in the first place?

2. According to my friends who've since become my enemies, I have weird hands.

But frankly, I don't know what so weird about my hands. They also have 5 fingers each what. Oh you mean you see one hand much smaller than the other, is it? Aiyah, then you obviously don't know what is the meaning of perspective in art.

3. According to my enemies friends, I also have weird feet.

Again, what's so weird about my feet? They look different from each other? Of course what, abaden? They are left foot and right foot, for goodness sake. Don't you know that a man's left side of the face is also a little different from his right? Don't believe me? Just photoshop half of your face, say left (i.e. mask out the right side), make a mirror copy of the left, then paste the mirror copy as your right face. I bet you can't even recognise yourself, okay? Jisuz, even coconuts come in different sizes.

Still stubbornly refuse to get my point? (This phrase is also by courtesy of Chun See, just like his newly-coined OAMSN = on a more serious note.) Let me show you what I am trying to say by doing a little experiment.

(The subject of my earlier experiment had voiced dissatisfaction that I had defaced his photo. I am very sorry for any embarassment caused to the subject and I apologise unreservedly for the mistake. Subject's name has been withheld so that he cannot be identified. For those who had saved a copy of the doctored photo, you are advised to destroy it immediately.)

For the same experiment, I have replaced the earlier photo with a more deserving subject:

I think a lot of people would like to see the new subject cut up into a hundred pieces, not just halved. So there shouldn't be any problem with this one, I hope. Although for some unknown reason, the effect is not as great or as funny as the earlier one, you still can see the differences here:

The left photo was reconstructed using 2 right halves of subject's face while the right photo was reconstructed using 2 left halves of his face. Notice that the eyes, nose, mouth, ears and even the face shape are different between the two photos. A point proven beyond all reasonable doubt.

4. I am comfortable with any footwear, even if they don't come in a pair. So long as I have shoes, I don't complain.

I normally don't do that. However, on this occasion, I did it for a very good reason. You see, my family was at the bowling alley at NSRCC in Changi Coast Rd. After each of us had exchanged our left shoe for a pair of bowling shoes, I realised that my socks were in the car. So I borrowed my son's right sandal and wore it on my left foot. I had my own shoe on my right foot. Then I walked to my car to get my socks.

5. I have a pair of dimples (not to mention red luscious lips).

Don't they make me look like a cute Cabbage Patch doll?

Hmm... I must ask my wife if she married me because of my dimples, haha.

6. Yes, I still love Mr Bean shows. (Stop sniggering, Chris.) It's no shame if I'm capable of appreciating Mr Bean's humour. I know it's slapstick comedy but Mr Bean makes me feel so good when he seems to have stranger hands than my own. And no cute dimples too. LOL.

And now for the victims - I am tagging the following 6 people to do this meme:


Oh is that 7 people? I can't help it if I got so many blogger friends mah, hehe. One of you is the reserve tag. (Did I hear all of you wanting to be the reserve? Too bad, only one of you can drop out, haha.)


KopiSoh said...

What is this man, chit char peh char (7 early 8 early) almost 1.00am come and tag people.
Ya your hands do resemble ET's hand
When it comes to weirdness I am queen lah, no fear I will do your tag.

Victor said...

FH - Hahaha, you are also still up at this hour? Obviously another die-hard blogger. Thanks for accepting the meme. Didn't forget yours. Will do later (but dunno how late, haha).

Shilpa said...

Aiyo, see how lah! Interesting meme actually, but I got to go and sleep now to wake up in another 6 hours lah, to catch train to take me to the plane, haha! See you! Doubt I'll blog much in s'pore! Wasted! Anyway, got no expiry date, hor? So can even do it when I come back!

Chris Sim said...

Gee... I dunno if your wife married you for the pimple she mistaken as a dimple. I do feel for her... no it's not what you think. She has my sympathy.

I noticed you wrote "enemies" instead of "enemy". You sure are getting notorious. This is not cool, Mr Koo.

Gee, I think the right side of my face looks more handsome hor? Next time, must tell the photography to take more from that angle.

Oh... i have a foto of your million-dollar-bucks face in my digicam. Maybe I should upload it for the world to see also hor? Maybe not, since your face, like your hands, your feet and what have you, also look very funny, if not more! LOL.

Basket, no wonder ask me not to continue the discussion on my blog. Of course lah the way you so shamelessly advertise me blog, pple would surely knew this Vic Koo is our office Mr Koo.

Chris Sim said...

BTW, is having dimple a weird thing, you weirdo? Nothing to write, den dun write lah! Jeez..

Victor said...

Shilpa, I know I am being cruel here. Of course no expiry date. Not even compulsory.

Victor said...

Chris - You are not supposed to read the strikeouts! Dammit.

Regarding my dimples, you have or not? Since you don't have and are not weird, so having them must be weird, right? See the logic?

Oh BTW, the 7th weird thing about me is that only I can say that I am weird. Nobody else should be doing that.

Anonymous said...

thank you GD for the tag, but sorry that I'm not blogging anymore for the time being.. do refer to my blog for more. I will still be lurking around, but not active anymore.

Take care GD.

Anonymous said...

Vic, Adobe is very particular about the use of the word "Photoshop". If you have used the (legal) graphic software to edit the pictures, you have to use the correct terms, like "The image was enhanced using Adobe® Photoshop® software."

The trademark guidelines are posted in http://www.adobe.com/misc//trade.html#photoshop

Don't get yourself into hot soup just because of a word, please.

Victor said...

Etel - Orh. So sad.

Victor said...

Alex G - Sorry your instruction is of no use to me because you never tell me what to do when using illegal software leh. :P (Oops, I think I may be jumping out of the hot soup into the fire for saying this.)

OAMSN, who really bothers to learn the legal aspects when using PS? (Using PS itself is already difficult enough, isn't it?) Besides, I think the word "photoshop" has become a generic word for "digital imaging" just like how "xerox" became synonymous with "photo copying" many years ago. Adobe should be proud of that.

Anonymous said...

good leh, homework that is non-compulsory...and no expiry. :p
i find cabbage patch doll quite eerie leh...look like Chucky...:O

Victor said...

Tigerfish - Which Chucky? The only Chuck I know is Chuck Hio, Chun See's exercise buddy and long-time friend.

Oh, you mean this one. Eeeeya... gross. How can a cute cabbage patch doll look like him?

Anyway, I don't like to see horror movies. Just don't like the idea of paying good money to get frightened.