30 August 2006

How Un-Malaysian Am I?

I took this survey at kennysia.com and my result is I am 10% "not Malaysian" (see below). This makes me as Malaysian as their PM Ahmad Badawi. The irony of it all is that I am a 100% true blue Singaporean, haha.

Congratulations Victor, you are 10% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Abdullah Badawi !

How Un-Malaysian Are You?


Anonymous said...

haha, this is crazy!! oh by the way uncle vic, your previous post...it was really unbelievable. that man sounds like a weirdo to me. sorry, but he's like, so pathetic (read : psychotic).

i've also tagged u for a meme. see if you'd like to do it. pls visit my blog for my details =)

Victor said...

A meme? I heard this term before from the Friends at yesterday.sg. Otherwise, I will be as blur as Chris who didn't know what you were talking about. What a surprise - for once Chris is more suaku than me, hehe.

For the sake of Chris, a meme is like an idea passed on from one person to another and yet another, sort of like a virus. In layman aka Chun See's terminology, it is a blogging assignment that Evan is giving us - blog about "5 things to eat before I die". Go visit her blog for a sample (of the writing, not the food, haha). Do you get it now, Chris?

Chris Sim said...

Aiyoh victor, by the time of your writing, I've already posted my piece on the meme Evan tagged me lah. You're right about the virus thingy, though. That's exactly what I learned when I googled for "meme". Don't be such a smartypants!

Lam Chun See said...

If you are 10% un-Malaysian, then I must be 1%. Wife, house, holidays, clients, friend & relatives .. but I don't shop in JB.

fr said...

actually i don't know what is meme, thanks for your explanation

how does one qualify as a 100% true blue singaporean....i thought i'm one too... but if i take a 'test' to see how singaporean i am i think i will at most be 30% singaporean....i don't have the so-called characteristics of a singaporean