25 August 2005


Chris, the above 4 letters were created using Microsoft IME 3.0 for Chinese (PRC).
Quite easy leh. (I can almost see you swearing "Show Off!" at me again, hee。)
To switch from 中文 to English, you just need to press the 中 (Chinese) button if you want it to toggle to English. You press the “英” (English) button again to toggle it back to Chinese.
Simple isn't it?
And to choose tones you can type the figure directly after the pinyin e.g. "ta" gives you 他 but "ta3" gives you 塔, and "ta4" gives you 踏。
Alternatively you can type "ta" first and get 他 and when it is underlined by the program, you hit the right arrow key - this will bring up a list of possible variations of the same hanyu pinyin character based on the various tones available. Press down arrow to move to the character you want and then hit to choose the right character.

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Chris Sim said...

Actully my dear Victor, I figured out the IME before you even did. The toggling of the English and Chinese is chicken feet, as long as you have the IME installed. And yes, didn't I told you to use Chinese (PRC) instead of Chinese (Singapore)? Obviously, the chinese version in Singapore tak pakai one.

Back to the different "tones". Obvisouly, there are more then 1 ways to skin the cat. You can also chose the option "sentence" instead of "word" at the properties to allow the programme to give you a series of words with the same sound.

And yes, to toggle between English and Chinese, simply press ALT+SHIFT.

So, there's no use for you hanware or whatever chinese software you have at home lah. Junk it.

What a dog. Can learn new tricks!