18 March 2007

Junk Mails

One of the consequences of living in an HDB flat is that you are bound to receive junk mails. Lots of them - flyers advertising property developers/agents, renovation contractors, handyman services, locksmiths, warehouse sales, plumbers, electricians, installers for windows/grilles, fast food, etc.

Today when I opened my letter box, I found 3 notes inside which were handwritten by different people. They all either wanted to buy or rent my flat. They usually had a sob story to tell, e.g. "I am looking for a flat in this block so that I can stay near my parents who will take care of my children."

And more often than not, they "just sold off their flats or private apartments for $xxxK and willing to pay high $$$." (They always don't know how to spell "price".) To add authenticity to their plea, they usually add, "No agts please."

Usually, I just throw them straight into the dustbin next to the letter box. But today, I brought them up to scan them into a photo for this post.

To rub salt into the wound, there was another piece of junk mail:

Normally I wouldn't consider birthday cards as junk mail. I do receive cards regularly from my insurance agents for my birthdays and festive occasions. However this one arrived more than 10 days late. It is no excuse, especially if they consider me a Priority Banking customer:

You guessed it, the card was from CB. Oh come on, just because I complained against your less-than-satisfactory service and your cocky staff recently, does it mean that you have to treat me this way? And don't give me that crap that the card is 354 days early because it is meant for my next year's birthday, okay? Jisuz...

Confirmed liao. CB really would rather lose a customer like me. Damn CB. I will surely grant you your wish on 16 Jan 2008 when I don't have to pay any penalty for fully redeeming my housing loan.

Finally, this is a "link-love-list" (whatever it means) from Walter. I guess I have been tagged by him for a meme (whatever that means too):

My Add Ons:
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What it came with:
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Chris said...

How clever and sneaky of you, Victor, throwing a "meme" with a post on junk mail. Are you trying to tell us something? Hehehe...

Walau.... so many meme and so many tags... Can I reject this assignment or not arh? I dun have so many virtual friends leh. 来来去去都是这几个leh.... :(

Cool Insider said...

Thanks for continuing the list Victor, which came to me from eastcoastlife. Incidentally, it will be great if I can get to meet Chris tomorrow too (if he is still around when I get there). You guys seem to be best of buddies and colleagues too.

Blogging has certainly been a very interesting experience for me. What's most fascinating is how the different groups that I am involved with are so different yet so similar to each other!

eastcoastlife said...

Wah Victor,
This CB stinks! 飞了他!

You need help to write another complaint letter? muahahaha....

Lam Chun See said...

It's another way of telling you that you can take you biz elsewhere - which they are not allowed to say directly.

Victor said...

Chris said: Are you trying to tell us something?

Don't put words into my mouth hor. I neber say that.

Walter said: ...it will be great if I can get to meet Chris tomorrow...

You had your wish granted. I'm sure you found Chris interesting (and my wife boring, hee).

Jayne - What's "飞了他!" ? Sorry that I am not so familiar with Chinese vulgarities, hehe.

Chun See - I agree with you. They are always so diplomatic, aren't they?

Shilpa. said...

Hahaha, this is even better than reading the ST Forum page! :)

tigerfish said...

It's not called PRIORity banking for nothing you know. Maybe it's REALLY for your next birthday...who knows?PRIORITY banking means PRIORITY mailing mah......
They want to make your birthday SPECIAL to you! Make it UNforgettable! See...now you even remember and put it in your post;p

lady influence said...

hi there. i am very interested with the z-list. can you give me the html codes of the blogs listed in the z list. i am having problems individually looking for the addresses. thanks a lot.



get back at my email..

Victor said...

Hi Lady Influence,

Thanks for visiting my blog. I have also reproduced the under-mentioned comments in my email reply to you. (That's another demonstration of the described cut-and-paste method below.)

Normally if you mouse-over a HTML link, you should be able to see the URL at the task bar at the bottom of your browser. Nevertheless, to get to the HTML codes of any webpage, here's what you should do:

1. Go to the webpage.

2. Right-click on any blank space within the page.

3. Select "View Source" from the drop-down menu. (The HTML codes of the entire webpage will be displayed within a new Notepad window.)

4. Search for the string you are looking for (type Ctrl-F). Let's say you're looking for lynnee's blog address. Just type "lynnee" into the Find window and hit enter. The search will bring you to the first occurrence of "lynnee" in the Notepad window. Then look for the blog address that comes immediately before "lynnee", you'll see that the HTML code for lynnee's blog is "http://spicyisgood.blogspot.com/".

5. If you need the whole chunk of HTML codes (e.g. to reproduce them on your own blog), just go to where you want to cut from, click-and-hold your left mouse button and then drag the pointer to point where you want to copy until. (You will see the portion of the text highlighted in blue.) Then press Ctrl-C (to copy the highlighted portion into your PC's buffer). After that you can paste the buffer contents into any document - Word, Notepad or even your blogger's "New post" window (use Ctrl-V to paste. You can paste more than once - the buffer's contents will only be overwritten if you do the next Ctrl-C or when you shut down your PC).

Hope the above explanation helps. Please feel free to get back to me if you have any further queries.