04 March 2007

A Fitting End To CNY

The Chinese celebrates CNY for 15 days. During this period, we are supposed to treat everyone well, saying gong xi, gong xi (恭喜,恭喜) to everyone we meet. Today is the last day of CNY i.e. yuan xiao (元宵) and we can stop being nice to people.

Today, we dined at another of our favourite restaurants which was located in Upper Thomson Road because we would have starved to death if we depend on other people to invite us for meals:

It serves cheap and good Peranakan food. The 4 small dishes in the photo below, plus hee pio (fish maw) soup cost us me only $26.20. There is no service charge but 5% GST applies till end June 2007 after which it goes up to 7%. Don't forget to ask for their hot-and-yummy sambal belacan chilli to go with your food:

On the way to the restaurant, our family again ran into an auspicious event. It was a dragon dance at a shophouse in Upper Thomson Road:

The dragon taking a breather after the hectic movements.

The dragon dance is seldom seen in Singapore nowadays. Having run into a lion dance on the second day of CNY while on our way to the National Museum and then a dragon dance on the last day of CNY, I hope that this year augurs well for my family and I. (However, when I got home tonight, I had another brush with the dragon. More about this later.)

After the very satisfying dinner, we went for a nice walk at the Upper Seletar Reservoir:

We watched the very mesmerizing sunset there:

When I got home in the evening and accessed Chris's blog, I saw the dragon in him breathing fire at the monkey in me.

It reminded me that earlier today, I also visited a toy sale at B1 Parkway Parade. There I saw something which Chris would like:

That must be the other woman in Chris' life besides Barbie. Notice the words in the bottom left of the box say, "HANDSOME APPEARANCE" and not "BEAUTIFUL APPEARANCE". Ah, just the right type for Chris.

Next to the toy sale was a health food sale. A bottle on the shelf must be what Chris takes daily as a supplement:

At first, when Chris claimed that he was a SNAG and not effeminate, I thought that he meant he was a dead tree that was still standing (not only when he is p***ing). Later, I found out that SNAG could also mean 'sensitive new age guy'. Then even later, I found that SNAG for Chris probably meant 'Sensitive and NAGs'.

Oh I nearly forgot. At the toy sale, I saw a versatile mechanical hand:

Squeeze the handle at the other end and the hand closes:

It could even be used to send a not-so-subtle message to Chris:

Is this your turn to ask for war, Chris? As you can see, I am very well-prepared. Hng.


Chris said...

My, the robotic hand is indeed versatile. But that's the ring finger!! LOL

Victor said...

Doesn't matter. It is certainly not an olive branch. You mean the message is too subtle for you ah? Okay, don't be surprised I post a photo of the real thing here hor. LOL.

Chris said...

Oh pleazze.. Some people kept saying they have balls as big as coconuts but suffer from shrinkage when it comes to the real thing... jezzeus!

Victor said...

Please don't mistake discreteness for ignorance, Chris. Even a pre-school kid knows where a middle finger is located.

And don't challenge me to post the real thing because I just might. My blog is not titled 'Taking Up The Challenge' for nothing, you know?

Lam Chun See said...

Hey Victor. I just noticed that your feet a bit unusual. The 2nd toe is shorter that the fat toe and the rest on the left foot are about equal length. Maybe that's why they exempt you from combat service.

Chris said...

Chun See
Your're so polite. "Unusual" is to put it mildly. I said they're simply "deformed". LOL. And why u kept harping on the fact that our coconuts man has not done his combat service? He probably feels half a man because he's never been allowed to hold a rifle lor. Give him some face lah. Today, 6 Mar, is his birthday!

Happy Birthday, Victor. I'll hold my "attack" for today. Dun say I neber give u face.

Victor said...

Chun See - Can you show me the definition of a normal foot? Maybe my left toes grew shorter because of my in-line skating accident? For now, I'm just glad that my left foot has returned to a normal size, never mind if it doesn't look the same as the right. In any case, who says they must be exact mirror copies of each other? My foot.

Victor said...

Chris - What deformed? I'm sure that even coconuts do not come in the same size. For proof, just check your own (if you can find them, that is). Wahahaha.

Thanks for the birthday wishes but will you stop being so contradictory? Are you giving me some face on my birthday by calling me 'deformed' and 'half a man'? Let the war continue. I can take it one. No need for a ceasefire even on my birthday.

Chris said...

Walau eh... cool down lah... You're suppose to blow candles on your birthday.... not fan a fire, my fren!

Happy Birthay, once again. 51 going on 15. 5115, wao must go buy 4D besok! Wahahaha..

Lam Chun See said...

For some unusual guys, when they crossed the big 5-0, birthdays make them grouchy.

So better not greet them Happy Birth Day.

Victor said...

Chun See - I will accept that since you are probably speaking from experience. :)

tigerfish said...

I just whipped up some Baba coriander chicken. Oh, those Peranankan food looks sooo....homecooked. I want that chap chai, chai po neng(is that it in the pix ?), hee piow soup etc. There are many pretty good Peranankan food along East Coast Road and Joo Chiat as well. You have try it if you like Straits Chinese food. Want me to recommend you some ?

That dragon has long thick black eyebrowns. Nowadays, Chingay Parade don't have dragon dance meh?

Happy Birthday! It's still the 6 March here in California, so I'm not late. :D

Victor said...

Tigerfish - Hmm... Baba coriander chicken. Sounds yummy. Yes, we tried one of the Peranakan restaurants along East Coast Road before and the food was just as good. That was the egg with crabmeat and prawn.

Chingay parade might have the lion and dragon dances but I didn't even catch it on TV.

Thanks for your birthday wishes. 有心不怕迟. Unlike some friend who dare not even wish me. Some more make fun of me in other people's blog. Sigh.

fr said...

Victor, I'm sure you had a very Happy Birthday. Anyway: Happy Birthday! And may your birthday wish come true.

Victor said...

Frannxis - Thanks for your birthday wishes. This year, the BAGUS lunch kakis brought me to a secluded restaurant called '60s Live Seafood' at 60 Fairway Drive (off Eng Neo Ave) near Saddle Club. Have you been there before? This is a laid-back restaurant with no aircon and reasonable prices. The bill for 6 of us came up to slightly over $100. (But I paid for my own share because we have decided to break off the tradition of buying lunch for the birthday person.)

You can see race horses in stables there. I think Chun See will like the restaurant's ambience since he's always rambling away about the 1960's. LOL.

Lam Chun See said...

Very near my house but I have not eaten there before. In fact near my house are some quite famous eating places that I have never patronized; e.g. the Brazilian restn and another Italian one, Pasta - something.

fr said...

No, Vic, I have not been to '60s Live Seafood'. Haha, in fact most of the eating places you mentioned in your blog I have not been to.

eastcoastlife said...

Walau Victor!
WHAT's WRONG with being effeminate? I don't see anything wrong with a guy being able to cook, bake, wash, go marketing and do household chores etc. In fact my son does all these. I train him. Oh, I send him for a baking course and my son has a Diploma in Baking, he can be a professional baker liao! And he bakes great bread!

I believe he would be a better catch for the girls but these are life skills which I think all guys should know besides being a good fucker!

Victor said...

Jayne - Nothing wrong with being effeminate lah. I've accepted Chris as who he is, even if he is actually a woman, haha.

Is being a good fucker that important? Jisuz.