04 April 2006


My colleague MJM passed me some funny videos the other day. I had a browse through them and spotted this one. Since I am on the topic of funny humsup posts and have featured quite a few chimpanzees in my previous posts, I thought this one was quite hilarious and appropriate. (Sorry for being long-winded and always repeating what I say - I was born in the Year of the Monkey.)

I thought that nature lovers like Chun See would love this one because it is environmentally friendly as it promotes recycling. However, I wouldn't recommend that you try this method to save the 10 litres of water a day which the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources is currently exhorting us to do, wahaha.

1 comment:

Chris said...

Victor, where have you been? This clip was soooooo yesteryear. And it's also quite 小题大做。

Bet we'll do the same if we have no more water to drink. Come to think of it, if no water, where got urine, hor?