03 July 2009

A Bird On Top And One Below

Standing here without a stitch
Forbidden to make one twitch
Been here since don't know when
Yet never could I get a tan

Some say I might be David
Yes I could be him indeed
But why was I made by Michelangelo
I guess I will never know

Was it to depict my manhood
For admiration by the neighbourhood?
Or how tiny it should not be
So the average man would be happy?

In 1991 a mad man hammered me
Hit my toes but spared my "wee wee"
It still hurts don't you know?
Now there's David on top and imposter below
Now there's a bird on top and one below

Is there more of this humiliation?
How much longer of such frustration?
It's not easy being a sculpture
Rain, shine and stares to endure

So you think there's nothing to that?
Just not moving can make you fat
It happened in the museum
I became obese ad nauseum


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yg said...

didn't know your bird under stand
the language of an indian man
why do you need a bird on top?
to watch the other one at work?

Lam Chun See said...

Hey. This is very funny. A bit too long though ... the poem, I mean.

Victor said...

Shilpa, can you help me with the Hindi in the first comment, please?

Victor said...

YG. The problem is that the other one doesn't seem to be working. (The statue's, not mine.)

Victor said...

Chun See, you mean a bit too short?

Now this is what I would call a long poem.

fr said...

I came across a poem book written by Boey Kim Cheng. If I remember correctly what I read some years ago he was a Victorian. I wonder if you know him, Vic.

Victor said...

Hi Fr, I don't know Boey Kim Cheng or rather, I should say that he doesn't know me. He was born in 1965 so it is unlikely that we have met in school.

I do know of another famous Singaporean poet from Victoria School though - he is Edwin Thumboo. He was way before my time. (He was in VS from 1948 - 1953.) Have you heard of him before?

Anyway, I really shouldn't be comparing myself to these very accomplished poets. The poems here are sometimes plain silly and are written mainly for fun. No literary standard whatsoever to speak of.

fr said...

Yes, I know about Edwin. I didn't know that Boey is quite well-known too.

Your poems are easy to understand.

Benwinner said...

Your Poem made my day
Now I know the way.
Everyone, come and see
A writer every senior should be.


Victor said...

Thanks Benwinner. Your comment certainl made my day too.

Hey, do you happen to know James Seah who has a blog/phlog with a similar theme as yours?

Lam Chun See said...

I am not sure if he knows James Seah, but he definitely knows me!