21 January 2009

Surprise Letter From Son

Today I received a surprise letter from my younger son by post. It was addressed to Mum and Dad. In it, he described some of his experiences at the recent 3-day Sec 1 Orientation Camp:

Q: Some of the memorable and exciting things that happened during the camp were:

A: Kayaking, abseiling, flying fox and sleeping.

(What? Sleeping is memorable and exciting? Son, are you sure you got your priorities right?)

Q: During the Camp, I learnt that ...

A: We should work as a team and never give up on what we do. We should also share everything we have with compassion.

(Okay that's fair comment.)

Q: Mum and Dad, for the many years that you have spent bringing me up, I would like to thank you for:

Providing me with food and shelter, supporting me with all the things I do and buying mini-cakes for me on my birthday.

(That's funny, I don't remember buying mini-cakes for your birthday - I always bought big ones enough for a family of four. Hmm ... must have been Mum.)

Q: Finally, I would like to tell you that ...

I really love you.

(Aww that's really sweet, Son! Mum and Dad love you very much too. Muack.)


EteL said...

awwwwwwww!!!!! really really sweet! it melts my heart.. i think it melted the whole of u :)

JollyGreenP said...

That is really nice Victor, just when you think they do not notice you any more and have become a lot more independent they surprise you with something like this.


yg said...

victor, it means the camp's objectives have been met. besides picking up some skills and knowledge, a camp experience should make the camper realise not to take things for granted, like food and shelter, and to cherish the warmth and comfort of the home.
you son mentioned 'sleeping' because you hardly get any sleep at a 3-day school camp, so whatever little sleep you got would be valued.
you and your wife have been very good parents.

stanley said...

You have a filial son as compared to my grandson. Last year he attended a 3day 2 night camp at Costa Sands. When I suggested that we(with wife) would drop by during his period at the camp, he brusquely brushed us off saying that he did not wish to be disturbed. A few tips on goodparenting from you will be appreciated, Victor.

yg said...

stanley, you should not take that to heart. i think your grandson just did not know how to tell you in a nice way that he did not want his camp-mates to have the impression that he - a big boy - was still being mollycoodled by his grandpa and grandma. sometimes children's actions and words can be hurting but actually these can be blamed on their immaturity.

meow said...

vic, the mini cakes comment is a big hint that the cakes you've been buying are not big enough!!!

<3 Such a heartwarming post <3

Anonymous said...
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Victor said...

GD - I am touched but not melted as my melting point is quite high. ;)

And I really think that my son's handwriting could have been neater.

Icemoon said...

Perhaps the son slept in a hammock, a 'basha' or a communal bed.

I think the letter template is a bit biased. Why must mum comes before dad? :P

Too bad the participants are all boys. Will be fun to have girls around.

Victor said...

John, Stanley and Yg - Thank you for your comments and compliments. I think I am overrated. I don't really have any good parenting tips to give more experienced parents like yourselves.

Frankly, I am not sure what my son would have said if the form didn't ask those leading questions. Maybe something too embarrassing for me to post in my blog? :p

Victor said...

Meow - I buy small half-kg cakes. Big enough lah. :)

Victor said...

Icemoon - They slept in communal blocks (non-aircon) standing on short pillars or in tents pitched below the blocks. Didn't look very memorable or exciting to me but to my son, it might have been different. For him, sleeping might have been more exciting than having girls around. :p

Victor said...
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fr said...

I think your post is useful for the camp organizers to do its review. An example of family values and bonding.

Sleeping can be memorable too, like you fall asleep while lying on some wooden planks on muddy ground while looking out at the crescent moon through the tent opening.

EteL said...

GD... i became ur GD liao?

GD - I am touched but not melted as my melting point is quite high. ;)

And I really think that my son's handwriting could have been neater.

nonetheless, very sweet entry :)

peter said...


I do encourage that you "participate" and encourage your boys. This is the best moment for bonding because when they reach Sec 3, they become like "adults" and prefer their own cohort not you. If discipline breaking down is what you fear, then all the more reason to start bonding now. The day they get married, you find them in their MIL's house more than your house, possibly only visiting you ONLY when the wife "permits". This is not what we want right when we become elderly people right?

I made it a point when they went to school camps to learn as much as possible from them and also to befriend their school friends. In a sense, I lowered myself to be like them.

Victor said...

Peter - Thanks for your invaluable advice. They have been noted and will be acted upon.

Our time not like that hor?