25 August 2007

I'll Never Receive Your Wedding Invitation Then?

Something funny happened to me yesterday. First, I received an sms from my service provider informing me of a missed call:

The number was not familiar to me so I dialled it on my mobile phone to check its identity. (When you dial a number that is already saved in the address book of your phone, the person's name will be displayed.) Ah, so it was A, someone whom I've not contacted for some time. Immediately after A's identity was displayed on my phone, I aborted the call and typed the following sms:

Not long after the above sms was sent, I received the following sms reply from A:

It was then that I realised that I've earlier forgotten to lock the keypad of my phone. I must have accidentally pressed the buttons that dialled A's number. So I sent another sms to A to apologise and also to tease her:

It was obvious that A didn't have my number saved in her phone. Well, I am not the least offended by that because when people exchange phone numbers, it does not necessarily mean that they must go into each other's phone books. When I change my mobile phone, I will sometimes tidy up the phone book by deleting away contacts whom I seldom call. So I can perfectly understand if my number was not listed in A's phone book.

However, I did not hear from A after the last sms. I am beginning to wonder why A did not reply? Do you think she was embarrassed by my last sms? Was what I said "too much"? Oh no, did I offend someone again? Darn!


peter said...

what do u call the type of freind (x-schoolmate) who claims he cannot remember his mobile number but wants to exchange business card depsite you giving him your mobile #?

Victor said...

Peter - Er... I would call him "an enigmatic friend". That's such a lame excuse. If he knows that he is prone to forgetting his own number, he can always key it into his own phone book. Maybe he didn't because he also can't recall his own name?

FireHorse said...

Dun wori about offending ppl la, so old oredi no time for such things wan :P
I am still waiting to pick up my books, next time for sure I will stay over in S'pore.

tigerfish said...

Wah...you still bothered to sms to someone you don't know? I usually choose to ignore.

Victor said...

Firehorse - What "so old"? Haha.

Also, why "books" (in plural)? How many copies do you need?

Victor said...

Tigerfish - Aiyah, you didn't read properly again. I know the person. That's why I masked out her name in the photos - to protect the innocent.

Cool Insider said...

Yeah as firehorse said, after you reach a certain age, it doesn't really matter does it? Sometimes I realise that text-based means of communication - SMS, chat, emails, blog comments - can be more sensitive in nature than face-to-face communications.

Which is why I still believe very strongly that nothing beats talking to a person, especially if you can see them, on a person to person basis. Anything else can have the danger of being misconstrued.

Victor said...

Walter - That is so true, isn't it? I mean, nothing is better than talking to a person. Even if it is just a voice call, you can hear the emotion in the tone of the voice. Not so with email or sms.

But then emailing and smsing are so common nowadays, I think it is possible for someone not to talk at all for one whole day.

Firehorse said...

Sori sori, not old, not old and book, i mean satu aje, dowan to be greedy o_0