03 June 2005

What Made Me Set Up This Blog

Today, I am reflecting on what made me set up this blog. I have said that Chris prodded me to do so in my first post. But today, I am reflecting on what and not who. I have mentioned 'taking up the challenge' as one reason. So after that burning desire fizzles out, then what? Already I have learnt how to create a new post, insert a photo and commenting on other people's blog. The challenge has been diminishing for me if it has not vanished altogether. When I feel that I have overcome the challenge, I must find other convincing reasons to justify this blog, otherwise I know that I will not have the passion to regularly update it.

I know that strangers are unlikely to be bothered to read my blog, let alone post comments on it. This means that I must find other compelling reasons for me to keep this blog going. So far only Chris reads my blog and posts comments. Chris alone is not a compelling reason enough. Because if he is the lone visitor and reader of my blog, I might as well communicate with him via e-mail. But even doing that is overkill because I see him almost everyday in the office and could have communicated whatever with him, whenever.

Chris has mentioned that blogging is very therapeutic although I am still wondering what ailment it cures. Boredom and loneliness perhaps? Maybe he meant that blogging has a calming effect on people. I certainly agree that blogging makes you know yourself better. It also makes you write better.

Or does blogging provides the satisfaction of an unfulfilled desire to be an accomplished writer for some? After all, your scripts are always accepted by your publisher blogspot, including all the typographical, syntax and grammatical errors that you made. No questions asked, standards to meet or deadline to fulfill. You play the role of author, copywriter and publisher too.

Perhaps blogging is trendy - everybody seems to be doing it. Alright, maybe not everybody but at least the young and trendy seems to be very much in it. So is my real motivation for blogging is to be seen as being hip as trendy by others or is it just trying to act young to remain young, at least in spirit? I really don't know. Maybe I have to think much harder to come up with more justifiable reasons. Otherwise one of these days, you may just find me submitting my resignation letter to blogspot.


Chris said...

Wordsmith like you, who pens wonderful thoughts about "quickie, LONG and HARD" and waxes lyrical on anything under the sun should have no problem maintaining a blog. Why, you can even turn a simple affair like deciding where to go for lunch into a complicated affair.... Hee.

Of course, if I've told you once, I've told you umpteeTH times. You NEED NOT have to write it daily. That would be a bore, even to the seasonest of bloggers. The idea is to blog only events and thoughts worth remembering, like when your other half.. ops sorry (dun mean to get personal) ... your mistress ran off with the postman, your young son finally reveals that he actually and really did crack the PC password, and when you "unexpectedly" climb the next step in the corporate ladder (hurrah!).

Blogging is certainly not just for the hip and trendy. This is quite insulting you know. You need to change your mindset Victor. Again, if I've told you once, I've told you umpteenTH times, Aging is inevitable, but growing old is OPTIONAL. Now repeat after me, I'M NOT OLD, I'M NOT OLD.... hundred times.

Chris said...

The old dog testing if what was taught by an older dog hold true? Check if you get a notification on your email, pal.

Anonymous said...

This is a good blog. Keep writing :)

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Victor said...

Thank you for your compliment. I think you are over-rating my blog.