11 June 2005

Photography - One Of My Hobbies

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I have been taking pictures since I was a teenager back in the 1970s. I used my father's antique camera (I think the brand was Agfa). It had a retractable lens that could be kept within the camera body. The lens was mounted on an accordion-like contraption that made retraction possible. Last year, I bought a Panasonic FZ-20 digital camera for a holiday trip to Shanghai with my family. Though it was not the first digital camera I owned, it was one of the most expensive. I paid close to S$1000 for it. As professional photographers would tell you, this price is actually 'peanuts' to them. But it's okay for me because my standard is nowhere near that of a professional photographer. I recently took a photo of the skyline of the central business district (CBD) of sunny Singapore so that people who have not seen my country will have an idea on how it looks like. This skyline is very different from that in the 1970s. There were not so many skyscrapers then. The tallest building then was Asia Insurance Building which was just 18 storeys high. Now we have several buildings in the CBD that are more than 40 storeys high. It just shows how fast Singapore has developed over last few decades. You can see more of my photos taken last Christmas in Orchard Road (Singapore's main shopping district) at the following URL:



Chris said...

Wah sey! Great photography victor. And I'm glad the novelty of keeping the blog has not really worn off, as yet. Keep it coming my friend.

I was into photography once too. My first "professional" SLR camera was the Nikon FM10. Bought it soon on the arrival of Junior, it is still sitting pretty somewhere in my wardrobe, all mouldy, I'm sure. Actually to be very honest, the hobby didn't quite take off. I found it quite a hassle to use a SLR camera - having to set the correct aperture setting and to focus on the object. I realise I much prefer an "idiot-point-and-shoot" camera. Which is why I bought the Canon IXUS years ago when it first came out in the market, for a very pricely sum of $1200. And it's only 2.1 megapixal. The price has gone down considerably and perhaps it's time for me to invest in another one. Yes, perhaps a SLR digital camera, but then again I've other hobbies to pursue now. Sigh.

What about your other hobbies?

I hope you see the merits in keeping a blog. We learn more and more about each other everyday. The world is much misunderstood. If we learn and know more about our fellow human beings, the world will be a much better place to live in. Call it naivete or whatever. It's just my 1-cent's worth. Cheers!

Victor said...

Thanks for the compliments and the encouragement, Chris. Wah today you very philosophical hor - talking about life, the world and such. Glad to know you are also a photo enthusiast, if only a budding one. That makes another point in common between the two of us. About your SLR, instead of letting it sit in the storeroom and gather dust, why not put it on Yahoo auction and recoup some money from it, as you have been doing?