15 June 2005

Singapore City Skyline, Circa 1970s

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This was the same Singapore city skyline circa 1970s, except that this aerial photo was taken from a different angle. It is almost impossible to find such an old photo taken from exactly the same angle as the new photo below because the latter was taken while I was standing on land (Marina Promenade) which was reclaimed only a decade or so before.

From the above photo, you can make out Asia Insurance Building (tallest beige building on the left). Compared to the modern photo below, the same building appears just above the boat in the sea. The Fullerton Building (now a hotel) is visible in both photos on the right hand side (the building with columns and a terracota roof).


pinto said...

Nice aerial shot, Victor. =)

Victor said...

Thanks for the compliment Pinto. Actually the aerial shot was pinched from the web but the shot below (from Marina Promenade)is taken by me.:)