12 May 2010

Old Singapore Quiz (17) - Old School

You can say that I studied in an old school and belong to the old school. Hence today's quiz is about an old school - one that was probably built even before I was born.

What makes this quiz particularly difficult is that most schools built in the 1950s look similar. They seem to be designed by one architect and built according to one plan. Obviously it is more economical to build schools of similar designs compared to different ones.

It is likely that only 3 groups of people will get the answers right for this quiz, namely:

1. Ex-students of this school;

2. Ex-teachers of this school;

3. People who stayed in the school's vicinity.

Below are 3 different views of the same school:

The front gate of the school. (Note: To make this quiz really challenging, the school's name has been wiped off from the signboard.)

The school building.

The school field.

The quiz questions are:

1. What was the name of this school in the 1960s - 1970s?

2. What is/was the school's location?

3. Is the school building still around?

And for those who don't know the answers to the above questions, below is an easier one:

Name 3 models of vehicles shown in the above photos.


yg said...

victor, i think you left out the googlers. this school, could it be near the place of the big fire?

peter said...

Kim Seng (west, east technical) school?

Anonymous said...


James Seah: "I grew up in Bukit Ho Swee" definitely knows the answers.

Lam Chun See said...

The first one - the 'old beauty' I mean - is a Volkswagon. You can see it in the tv series Lost.

Thimbuktu said...

Thanks for the compliment, Anonymous. From Victor's school building in the photo during the 1960s-19701s, the primary school standard design from the PWD architect is exactly the same.

It could be Delta Primary School, Seng Poh Primary School or even Kim Seng Primary School in the Bukit Ho Swee area, but the school field and buildings in the background is not familiar to me.

Sorry, I don't have the answer to this quiz.

yg said...

in the 3rd picture, you see the 'a' girls' participating in a 100m race.
james, i think one of your answers is partially correct. however, you have to remember in those days, there were so many primary schools and some shared the same name; so to differentiate the schools, they added 'north', 'south', 'east', 'west' or 'mixed' to the school's name.

Anonymous said...

James, I think you know of Bukit Ho Swee West Primary School.

hieng howe said...

Don't think it is my alma mata Kim Seng West Primary School.

I studied there 1973-1978.

ck said...

I studied at Kim Seng East Primary From 1974 to 1980. Based on the 1st photo it dont seemed to be in Kim Seng Road as you need to past Kim Seng West before u reach Kim Seng East and the should be a Kim Seng Techical School there too.
So it can t be in Kim Seng as i stayed there for 15 years.


Victor said...

CK, the answer is here.

Selvam said...

Hi selvam here,
1- Delta West Primary School.
2- Indus Rd.
3- Yes.
4- Mini Club Man & Benz.

Gary Wong said...

The building at the background of the sport event was F&N Factory

Victor said...

Hi Gary, thanks for your comment. I didn't realise that the buildings behind the school field was F&N factory. Come to think of it, you are right - F&N was located in nearby River Valley Road then. Now, Fraser's Suites (serviced apartments) stand in its place.

ExDeltaWest said...

That was my primary school - Delta West School (blue/white uniform). The school next to Delta West was Delta East School (brown/white uniform). The one at the far end (where Boys Brigade HQ is) was Havelock Primary (grey/white uniform).

The upper level of the the 2-storey section near the entrance in the picture was the music room. The lower level was the school library.

Those are definitely F&N factory buildings. We used to call them 'ang-sai kum-chwee-long' in Hokkien, translated literally as 'red lion orange water factory'. The former F&N logo was red and has a lion in it and they were famous for their bottled fizzy orange crush drink. :-)

Victor said...

Thank you for your comment which has provided more "insider" information on Delta West School.

Liew said...

Hi ExDeltaWest, this is ExDeltaEast your friendly neighbour of yesteryears!

Amongst all the comments you hit the most nostalgic Hokkien words!
Your colours of uniforms are absolute.

We used to have joint annual sports event with your school and we always won in soccer friendlies.
My siblings, all in all 12 of us, passed by your school to Delta East School.
We "gate crash" outside your main gate for "chendol" and "ice ball" treats for 5c!
A friend since secondary sch from Delta West became top "A" level JC student in Spore.

We were too friends of Havelock School which shared a common unfenced boundary between schools.
We competed with them on "hantam bola" during recess.

Alongside these 3 schools there is another Hokkien nolstagics - "keow-ku-keo",
meaning curved bridge which is the arched water pipe still in existence.

The answers: Delta West Integrated School, Delta Avenue/Brahmaputra Rd,
the schools are still standing BUT soon to be demolished after Delta Senior School moves out by mid June 2013.

Soon these schools will be gone, reportedly for a proposed condominium.
Some alumni of Delta East School is planning on 15 June from 10 am for a reunion picture taking session...
before our alma mater are gone.

张老师 said...
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Anonymous said...

I just came back from my primary school gathering. all of us were from Delta West School. 1979-1984 batch. Very fun! Anyone still remembers the school song? It starts with "Come hoist our flag of blue and white. Together we'll serve with all our might. ..... " Middle part forgotten. Chorus goes like this : " We're ready to serve and so we stand, ready to lend a helping hand. In studies and games we'll do our best.... To raise the name of Delta West" ... Whoever can recall please help.

bigboy said...

Hi, I was an ex Havelock primary school student during 1979-1984. You are right my school is white shirt with grey pants. Remember we use to play soccer with delta primary school student. I also remember there is a back gate between delta and havelock primary where there is a rambutant tree. I use to pluck rambutant after school. As for the standard not bad during that time.

Anonymous said...

A Gift to all fellow DWS schmates. A pity I hv forgotten the tune.

DWS sch song:
Come hoist our flag of blue and white
Together we will work with all our might
With joy and hope we play our part
We love our school with all our heart.

We're ready to serve and so we stand
Ready to lend a helping hand
In studies and games we'll do our best
To raise the name of Delta West.

What'er the creed, what'er the race
We'll show our respect and grace
and working as a family
Success is ours with unity.