05 December 2009

Bra As Mask

An invention that makes an impact
In a crisis it can save your life
Its only side effect:
Reminds one of tender moments with wife

What's wrong with a regular mask?
Let me hazard a guess
Stocking up is so impossible a task
That women have to go braless?

In fact Bodnar's invention is nothing new
Someone has already thought of that
Visit this link to see it's so
How resourceful can you get?

Are these people mad?
First, they used it as pampers
Could next be sanitary pad?
These inventions really make (one) wonders


EteL said...

hahahaha this entry is so you, GD!
its been a long time since ive posted a comment in ur blog, just to let u know im still alive lol..
take care n im still stalking you ! =)

Andy Young* said...

This bra cum mask is unique. I am sure the men would think it an outSTANDING idea.

Lam Chun See said...

I saw news report on tv about the bra-cum-mask invention the other day. Somehow, it doesn't seem like a very practical invention to me.

Roger said...

Depends on the situation,isn't it? If your life is at stake, you can't afford to be sqeamish, can you?

Victor said...

Etel - I am grateful that you are stalking GD. At this age, any stalkers are most welcome. :-)

Victor said...

Andy, only the bra? How about the sanitary pad? It is not outstanding because it is well-hidden? :)

Victor said...

Chun See, these people really have crazy ideas, don't they? Did you know that Bodnar’s invention actually won the Ig Nobel Prize, awarded by Annals of Improbable Research magazine for achievements that “first make people laugh and then make them think”?

Victor said...

Roger, adults tend to feel squeamish more easily than kids. I remember when I was young, a boy in the neighbourhood wore his mum's sanitary pad (unused one, loop-type) as a mask and was promptly punished by the his mum. If not, he could have been a Nobel Prize winner too. Haha.