03 September 2009

Woman Hit By Killer Litter Survives

Early this year, I wrote about a woman hit by killer litter. In the article, I mentioned, "I hope that the woman was not seriously injured and the culprit would be caught soon."

Well, "Reporter Koo" (as I have been so undeservingly named by YG) has news for you. First, the good news - the woman survived. The doctors reported that her condition stabilized and she was "recovering from the treatment". (Emphasis mine. Hmm... strange way of putting it, right? Shouldn't it be "recovering from the injury" instead? Makes you wonder what kind of trauma treatment she was subjected to in Changi General Hospital. Talk about speaking good English.)

Now the bad news besides the bad English - the culprit seemed to have got away scot-free. "The fan was left in the lift lobby by families who had done some spring cleaning on that fatal day." (Don't ask me. I am still wondering how many families shared that fan and who died that day.)

The article went on to say, "It is worrying to know that there are individuals in our community who do not care that their actions can cause serious injuries and death to innocent victims." In my opinion, the offender probably is mad has a disturbed mind. But perhaps what is even more disturbing is the number of English errors in the article?

The source of the news:

And the page which I proofread (Chinese text not included):

Being a typical Singaporean, I also have another complaint constructive feedback for the Editorial Committee of the publication - why did the news come 7 months late? If not for Reporter Koo this citizen journalist, this incident would have been stale news.

And I wonder if the photo with the flower pots would still deserve a tick if the mad man comes back, throws one down and causes another fatal near-fatal accident incident.

(Apologies for the many corrections in this article which are caused by my relentless search for the most appropriate words to use.)

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yg said...

reporter koo has become the strike-out man. too many corrections, too distracting, lah.