21 July 2008

My Second Book

This post is about a month late but still, it's better late than never. The book I co-wrote with Wee Kiat (main author) and Noel has finally rolled off the press.

I blogged about the book before here and if you are interested, you can read the e-copy of the whole book starting from this page.

The cover of the book is in purple. I think it's more refreshing than the maroon colour of the previous book, don't you think?

Oh yes, you can also read the e-copy of the previous book starting from this page.


Lam Chun See said...

You never did tell us what is feels like to be a published author ... did you?

Anonymous said...

Hi Victor,

Dr Tan Wee Kiat referred me to your blog. I couldn't find an email address to contact you so I thought I would post here.

I'm assistant producer for a new TV program being produced for Mediacorp Ch5, it's a documentary about Singapore's iconic buildings, including some which have been demolished. We're looking for people who have strong memories of these buildings so we can interview them for the program.

Could you please contact me at kaini.projects@gmail.com? We're very interested to know if you could share some of your stories with us.



Victor said...

>Chun See said: "You never did tell us what is feels like to be a published author ... did you?"

I felt rich and a sense of achievement:

1. Rich - No, I didn't earn a cent from the book. But writing a book is an enriching experience. (Ok, I should have said I felt enriched.) You should try it too as you write very well.

2. Sense of achievement - Quite naturally. To have one's name listed as an author in NLB's catalogue is an honour.

Victor said...

Hi Kaini, thanks for your kind offer.

I am aware of your project as Wee Kiat had forwarded me your email earlier. I declined because I am shy of publicity, or should I say I am camera shy. Anyway I have very little info to share - only a blog article on the National Theatre which I forwarded to Wee Kiat. I also thought that it would be more appropriate for you to interview people like Mr Alfred Wong, the architect of the National Theatre and/or Mr Walter Lim, NHB's Dir for Corp Comms & Industry Promotion Div.

huang said...

Hi Victor,

Thank you for your reply. :) And also for the blog article. We *are* actually now preparing an interview with some of the people you mentioned above, (it's starting to feel to me that Alfred Wong must have literally built half of Singapore in the 60s - 70s.)

The problem is we don't just want to interview architects and board members, although they are certainly important, but also the people for whom the theatre was built, i.e. just ordinary people with strong, fond memories, such as yourself. :) These are turning out to be more difficult to find. If you change your mind, please let me know.

warmest regards,

huang said...

PS. that photo in the blog article of the pre-fountain National Theatre, where is it from? If it is your own, may we request permission to use it for our show please?


peter said...

The National Theater was the worst place to hold any public function. I think 1963 to coincide with the opening, I went to see the "South East Asia Cultural Festival" where got to see Thai. Cambodian, indonesian, Phil, Singapore (lion dance of course) and Burma cultural troupe. The whole place no a/c and got those huge giant floor standing fans. The show was boring except for the Phil bamboo dance. Coupled with the humidity inside, I only "dying" to go to the canteen near the ticketing counters. I think this was Singapore's first cultural show organized by Lee Koon Choy, some PAP minister at that time.

I think there was a public campaign to raise money from the public to build that theater. Govt give $1 for every dollar collected. Also National Theater was to symbolise our own efforts to put up an arts theater after self-independence in 1959. Previously the Canning Rise
Drama Center was built by Lim Yew Hock Govt, so PAP needed their own show-piece.

Thank goodness they pulled it down.

I prefer King George Park, the park behind the national Theater...so cool and so natural

Victor said...

Huang - All my memories of the National Theatre are written in the article.

I don't think I have a rich enough memory of the National Theatre to go for a TV interview. There should be many more eligible people out there.

BTW, that image was taken from a Google image search. I can't remember where it came from. I have updated the post with one more newer photo that has the fountain and lots of people admiring it. You should take a look.

If you want good old photos of the theatre, you can try Walter Lim of NHB.

Victor said...

Peter - Maybe you are interested? Oops... but Huang wants someone with fond memories. Perhaps you can adjust a bit? Was that the only time you went to the theatre?

Icemoon said...

Actually Peter should have fond memories at National Theatre leh.

He told us he was from Singapore U. And I thought last time they held their convocation there?

peter said...

thank goodness the graduation ceremony was at The Conference Hall. I wonder who was GOH that time?

Lam Chun See said...

My graduation was held at National Theatre. But at that time it was a real hassle. Why? Becos I was in OCS doing our field camp in P. Ubin. We had to make special arrangement to try our gowns etc.

But I like NT becos of its beautify unique structure. Beats the durian, looks-wise. any time.