27 January 2007

Ann Kok Teaching Sex? Aiyeeeh! Even Dirtier!

WARNING: This entry contains mature theme. Minors please go away ....

Last Saturday, my visit to the barber shop was a hair-raising experience. My regular barber was cutting the hair of another customer. So I sat at the bench and waited for my turn. While waiting, I browsed through the magazines. These two magazines caught my eye because pretty Ann Kok was the cover girl of both magazines:

The magazine on the right looked familiar because Chris had reviewed one of the articles in it:

Incidentally, I wondered why Ann Kok is featured as the cover girl in so many magazines and yet I have never seen Patricia Mok featured as one:

Although Patricia is not as pretty as Ann, her complexion is alright and her acting is good enough to win her a Star Award recently.

Anyway back to the sex articles. The article on sex in the other magazine dated June 2005 is titled 'Poll: Sex During Periods - you love it!':

Inside, the article has a caption 'Would you have sex during your period?'

"No problem, say 70 per cent of the women polled. It's not that our men mind either". And the result of the sex poll is as follows:

24% says "Heavy flow? That's not stopping us."
48% says "I am hornier when I got my period."
62% says "It doesn't bother him one bit that I'm bleeding."

Don't ask me why the percentages add up to more than 100. The 'one man woman, one vote' system obviously doesn't work here. So why are most men not bothered one bit that their partners are bleeding? Maybe they felt that it is less messy than using a self-made sex toy modified from a watermelon or cantaloupe which a blogo-friend recommended?

Actually, Ann Kok wasn't giving tips on sex. The articles were written by journalists. But
sometimes I wonder if journalists really did a poll. Are the figures accurate and do they reflect the general consensus? If a poll was conducted, why not release details on the sample size used and the racial, age and sexual compositions of the sample? (I believe that Asians are generally more conservative about sex.) Was the survey done anonymously and how did they know if the participants were giving honest answers? How come their poll results are always so different from the ones that I have casually conducted with my friends and colleagues? My friends and colleagues mostly claim that they married conservative partners. One respondent even claims that there are certain things that she won't do. Hmm... maybe they are not telling me the whole truth? Or perhaps what they say and what they do are not quite the same?

It looks like every issue of such magazines has at least one such controversial and sexciting article. I believe that its purpose is not so much educational but to improve the sales of the magazine. I also suspect that it is the same reason why Ann Kok is always on the cover and not Patricia Mok.

Now we know what the Ah Sohs, the Ah Niahs and even our wives are reading in such magazines and why they must always rush out to buy a copy whenever a new issue is released.


etel said...

Oh, I read somewhere that a woman's sex drive is higher when their period is coming soon. and also her curves will be more prominent (breasts will be larger due to duno what hormones thing la).

But I still feel its EEK!!to have sex while you're having your period. omg -.-

btw (GD borrow your comment box for a while) Uncle chris u got make the pineapple tarts? XD

Cool Insider said...

It looks like your posts are getting more and more salacious and risque. Upping the technorati juice Victor? Even have a photoshopped Ann Kok/ Patricia Mok in there. Looks like Kenny Sia is going to eat his heart out soon.

Victor said...

Elaine, cannot. Not cannot have sex during periods but cannot abuse my comment box for contacting Chris, haha. You can contact him by email mah.

Walter - Huh? What's the meaning of 'salacious', 'risque' and 'technocrati'? Not in my dictionary leh. Haha. Whatever they mean, I am only repeating what the magazines say what. These magazines have been passed for publication by our authorities so should be okay. Maybe they are only classified wrongly - should have been under 'sex' instead of 'women and health' category.

Like Chris, I don't blog for an audience, so whether technocrati lists me or not is inconsequential. Thanks for your compliments anyway. :)

Chris said...

Why u so copy cat one? Dis kinda thing also blog.

Jayne - if u r having the curse and feeling horny, u'll molest and violate Mark, I'm sure.

Chris said...

Elaine, I've not baked yet but intend to do so soon.

Victor, internet is free one hor. Sue me lah.

Chris said...

BTW Victor, it seems you photoshop technique is rather amateurish.... That was a horrible take on Patricial Mok. She looks almost non-human, a monster. Yucks!

Victor said...

ECL - I blog like that is learn from Chris (Sim not Tan) and you one mah.

Chris - Patricia Mok looks almost non-human, a monster? Hmm... there may be some truth in what you've said. No wonder she never made it as a cover girl. And it's not my poor photoshop technique either. Why not I give you her photo and you try to make her look like Ann Kok?

fr said...

I too notice that many of these magazines have one such article - surely the purpose is to increase sales. One magazine has the 'not suitable for children' sticker on the wrapping.

I guess playboy type of magazine will be available soon...

Victor said...

Good observation there, Frannxis. If playboy-type magazines are allowed here, surely got no photos one. Even if have, you can be sure that the crucial portions are blacked out, cut out or mosaic-ed out.

Look at what happened to Crazy Horse. They must be crazy to think that they could survive here.

edmundchristian@hotmail.com said...

what's wrong w the fucking article i wrote about oral sex? tell me.

Victor said...

Hi Edmund,

First, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

It's been more than one year since I wrote this entry that I've almost completely forgotten what it was all about. I had to read it again to see why you seemed to be offended by what I have written. I found two sentences in my article that contained offending remarks and I sincerely apologise for them. (I have already removed the sentences.)

There is nothing wrong with your article. (Nor with mine, after the removal of the offending sentences, that is). I actually wrote the post as a tongue-in-cheek reply to my good friend Chris who wrote a similar article earlier. But too bad you can't verify this because Chris had shut down his blog. And yes, it was shut down long ago.

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