20 August 2006

Singapore Really So Small Meh?

My area of operation is in the east. I don't mean East Asia but eastern Singapore. Yes, the right half of the little red dot. Because my wife finds food cooked by only a handful of stalls in the east palatable and my younger son takes tuition, badminton and swimming lessons in the east, I am often seen at fixed locations in the east. For the same reason, I also often witness things happening in certain locations in the east.

While my wife spends money buys food and groceries near Parkway Parade, I will ogle at girls wait in the car at an open air carpark near the food centre at Blk 84 of Marine Parade. The reason why I wait in the car is that there are usually no carpark lots available in the small carpark. It is an unwritten but widely understood rule that while parking is not free, waiting in the car is. Also free are the frequent whiffs of foul smell from the nearby rubbish dump.

This morning, I was at the same carpark waiting. I saw a large group of people gathered around some tables with food laid out on the tables. At first, I thought that it was just another 7th month prayer session:

But why no joss sticks? Ah, when I got closer, I realised that celebrity TV host Quan Yi Feng was there. I noticed her first because her hair colour was so gaudy she was quite attractive:

There was one guy whom I recognised as an actor/host but just didn't bother to find out know his name:

Something else pleasant also caught my eye:

(The dim sum in her chopsticks, not the one holding them lah. What were you thinking?)

So they were filming a food show and were trying out some dim sums.

But why do it next to a rubbish dump? Singapore really so small meh?


Chris said...

"But why do it next to a rubbish dump? Singapore really so small meh?"

Victor, you meant to say "Singapore is really so SMELLY meh?" in reference to the rubbish dump of course.

You got nothing to blog is it? It's not as if they are superstars. They are just salaried artistes from Media Corp what. If I see Madonna or Nicole Kidman at my HDB market downstair, ahhhh... that's something worth blogging about it.

Some people.

Victor said...

Quite unlike you, I like oriental stars. (Remember, I live in the east, operate in the east and like stars from the east.) I know you have a soft spot for Western stars (of all genres).

Lam Chun See said...

Well the smell obviously did not deter our avid blogger from making up for lost time. You will understand what I mean if you read his previous post:

"Luckily, I was posted to an all-boys secondary school. If not, I would probably have spent more time ogling at girls instead of studying.

frannxis said...

When I go there I usually park at the multi-storey car-park next to Fairprice.

You mean you left your car unattended and went to ogle at the gaudy hair and the girl holding the 'pleasant' dim-sum?

Chris said...

Yah Victor, I do love western stars. As Madonna would sing in one of her songs...

They got style
They got grace
Rita Hayworth gave good face...

Go get some STYLE, Victor.

Some people (rolling my eyes).

Victor said...

No Frannxis, I usually have my car within view, windows wind down, and Andy Williams' song 'Music To Watch Girls Go By' blaring from my stereo. (Chun See would be familiar with this one, I mean the song, not the activity.)

The lyrics would go:

The boys watch the girls while the girls watch the boys who watch the girls go by
Eye do eye
They solemnly convene to make the scene
Which is the name of the game
Watch the guy watch the dame
On any street in town
Up and down
And over and across
Romance is boss

See following URL for the full lyrics:


evan said...

why lyrics only? i even have the song!! who wants pls raise yr hand :p

simplyetel said...

hahaha! *raises hands*

Hmm kind of sad! Because you guys only run around the East.. I live in the West.. from Tiong Bahru (somewhat central), to Jalan Bukit Merah (Slightly to the west..) and now Clementi! (Totally westarian)

It means it will be hard for us to bump into each other keke..

Singapore so smelly meh? lol thats a nice one!

Victor said...

Me *raises hands* too.

Yalor Elaine, it's hard for us to bump into each other. Unless... someone organises a popiah party lah.

Evan, you can pass the mp3 song to me at the party, haha. Thanks for the superman shooting game. I got 8/10 in one of the nice shots.