21 June 2009

Third Shot Of Club Street

Above: Club Street from Ann Siang Hill (Circa May 1998)

Above: Club Street from Ann Siang Hill (Circa 2006)

Above: Club Street from Ann Siang Hill (Recent photo)

After several second shot attempts, it is time to up the ante and attempt a triple shot. Alright, I admit I cheated - the first two photos above were taken from this link. Also, the third photo could have matched the first two better. But believe me, this was yet another of my "last-minute" attempts.

Club Street extends from Ann Siang Hill on one end to Cross Street on the other. It is located in the vicinity of Chinatown and is another part of old Singapore where many pre-war houses have been conserved. Nothing much has changed in the architecture of these houses for the past century or so, except perhaps for some repainting and minor renovation done.

However, most of these houses are used differently now compared to yesteryear - from being mainly shopfronts below and residential abodes above to mainly bars, restaurants, boutiques and curios shops.

Below is the entry in Singapore The Encyclopedia on Club Street:
"Located in Chinatown, Club Street's name is believed to have been derived from the various Chinese clubs and associations sited along the thoroughfare. However, the establishment of Chinese clubs in the area was gradual, and occurred over a long time, so this explanation seems unlikely. The name may have originated from one particular club in the area, perhaps the Chinese Weekly Entertainment Kee Lam Club (established in 1891), or the Chui Lan Teng Club (approximately the same vintage). Recently, a number of restaurants and bars have opened along the street, rejuvenating the area."
For more information on Club Street, you can read Wikipedia's entry here. Below is a view of Club Street from Cross Street side, reproduced from the same link.


Icemoon said...

Triple shot?! *Gulp*

I think we can up the ante by reinventing the term. So last year I tried doing video second shot.

Can try the scene in G. I.Executioner. Remember to hail a taxi.

Next time try audio second shot. MM's 'moment of anguish' speech.

Anonymous said...

I remember Ann Siang Hill as the driving test route in the 60s. When an L driver reaches the top of the slope, the instructor slams his palm on the dashboard and the L driver has to slam his brakes. Woe betide the Learner driver if the car moves backwards!

Victor said...

Icemoon, yes triple shot. Can try quadruple shot as well. Next one will be nude shot. Watch out for it.

Victor said...

Ahh... Andy, thank you for jolting my memory. I think Ann Siang Hill was where you would practise crutch... er, I mean clutch control.

In those days, there were no auto-transmission cars - all cars were manual transmission. You need to have good clutch control in order not to slide back when starting off in 1st gear on an upward slope.

However, I didn't take my driving lessons in Maxwell Driving Centre which would bring you around Ann Siang Hill - I heard the stories from my elder brothers who did. I think when my time came, Maxwell Driving Centre had closed down. I got my driving license from Ubi Driving Centre instead. Took me 2 attempts to pass. Maybe I should blog about how I got my driving lessons one of these days. (No, not by a offering bribe to the invigilator.)