03 February 2009

The "Celebration Of Life" for Shin Na

I have been following Shin Na's blog for some weeks, ever since a documentary on her was telecast on CNA some time ago. You all probably already know the very sad news by now - Shin passed away last Tuesday. She was truly a brave, remarkable and inspiring woman. I would like to express my deepest condolences to Tony, Josie and Toby.

When I read that her funeral service would be held at Asian Civilisation Museum, I thought it was a rather unusual venue too. But Shin was an unusual woman.

My mind wondered - would a FOYer (Friend of Yesterday.sg) like me be granted this privilege as well when my time comes? Having "written some" philatelic books here and there, I thought it would be nice to have mine held at the Singapore Philatelic Museum. Even better, if I could have a stamp issued in my honour for the occasion.

Haha, I am only kidding, of course. I know that only kings and queens are deserving enough to have their faces published on stamps. Certainly not a peasant like me, am I right, Wee Kiat?

It is just wishful thinking on my part. Besides, my anonymity on this blog should be carried into the nether world. If not my name then at least my face. :)


Andy Young* said...

In so many ways you are a hero and your blog reflects your love for Singapore; so I think the common man, who has contributed some to the country, has a place on our postage stamp. You deserve that honour.

Victor said...

Thanks Andy for the compliments but I am no hero. *Very red-faced*

Despite everything, I think I still have a little normal human compassion left in me which everyone should have.