04 October 2008

Old Singapore Quiz (4)

This quiz is specially designed for railway aficionados like Icemoon, Stanley and Peter. (Incidentally, I recently learnt from Icemoon that the Japanese term for aficionado is otaku.)

The 2 photos shown above were taken not too long ago in Singapore at two different locations. One obvious clue is that these two stretches of railway are still in operation. Can you guess where are the locations?

Update on 12 Oct 2008 - Answers to Old Singapore Quiz (4)

As usual, most of the answers provided by readers were correct. Hmm... it seems like no quiz is too difficult for most of you. I think I will have to come up with more challenging quizes from now on.

The first photo is where the KTM railway crosses Kranji Road, with the camera facing a north-eastern direction. I was struck by the old-world charm of this place, especially with the dilapidated wooden huts standing on both sides of the track. The photo was taken on 26 July 2008. I learnt from YG that the two structures on the right of the photo had since been cleared. Below are more photos of the railway crossing at the Kranji Road area as well as the deserted and dilapidated Nissen huts which YG and another reader mentioned about. According to the reader, the Nissen huts area used to be Woodlands Camp where they trained SAF drivers. (The reader was trained at the camp in the 1990s as a 3-tonner driver and recounted a minor accident then where his 3-tonner knocked down one of the posts of the railway gate.)

The second photo was taken at the Bukit Timah station on 28 January 2007 and here are more photos of this area:


Icemoon said...

Eh, how come you always release quiz in yesterday.sg first leh?

Patricea Chow-Capodieci said...

Everyone knows that the rail station in Pasir Panjang is still operational. Well, at least it was still operational when I left the island two years ago.

But looking at these pictures, is it somewhere near Hillview area or Bukit Panjang area?

Die, my Singapore history is so koyak, now even my Singapore geography is koyak!

Victor said...

Icemoon - You see, publication on yesterday.sg requires the approval of 2 editors. This is a safeguard against unsuitable content being published on the blog. Normally, I am the first editor to approve my own post (cheat a bit lah). But to still play by the rules, I leave it to another editor to approve and publish my post.

In the past, my posts usually have to queue for a few days before being published. (That was the case for the first quiz. The result was that it was published a few days earlier on my blog before it appeared on yesterday.sg.)

However, for the 2nd quiz onwards, they were approved and published very quickly after I have submitted them - even earlier than what I have scheduled for my own blog.

There, you have my very long-winded explanation. :)

Victor said...

Patricea, I didn't know that there is a railway at Pasir Panjang. (Well, they are now building the MRT Circle Line there but I don't think you are referring to that.)

Er... maybe you mixed up Bukit Panjang with Pasir Panjang, just like I had mixed up Potong Pasir with Pasir Panjang? Well, it happens to everyone sometimes. Haha.

Icemoon said...

*gulp*, so you guys use scheduling actively. Who knows, maybe you are preparing your Quiz 10 now.

alex said...

I think one of them is at Stagmont Ring. Not too sure these days.

Anonymous said...

trying my luck
1. Yew Tee Village
2. Just after Bukit Timah Sation in the direciton of railway bridge over Dunearn Road

BTW Victo which year were the photos taken?

yg said...

wonder where you parked your car when you went to take the top photo. the road is so narrow and there are lots of heavy vehicles.

yg said...

top pic is not stagmont ring or yew tee village because the hut at stagmont is white in colour and it is nearer to the barrier. i think it is the one at kranji where the traffic lights regulate the flow of traffic in one direction each time. but this evening i just drove past it and the two structures on the right have been cleared, so it does not look exactly like what you see in victor's pic.
the 2nd one maybe the one just after the bukit timah station, going towards rifle range road.

Victor said...

Peter, the top photo was taken on 26 July 2008 while the bottom one was taken on 28 January 2007.

Lam Chun See said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lam Chun See said...

The first one looks very familiar. I think it's at Kranji Road.

The second one looks like the one near Stirling & King Albert Park. I showed a similar photo here.

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Anonymous said...

The first picture looks like Kranji Road. If you go further north along this road, you will come to Kranji beach area where you can see JB across the water.
Right after the railway track in the north direction Woodlands camp where they used to train SAF drivers. I think the camp is not in used anymore. I had my driver training in the 90s. When I was a trainee there, while driving a 3 tonner back to camp, there was some obstruction on the left side of the road just before the gate shown on the first picture. My driving instructor told me to use the right to go past the obstruction. Being new to driving, I steer right but cannot straighten the tonner in time and the tonner knock down one of the post of the gate. Lucky that time I trainee so accident got no serious punishment except to paint the scratches on the tonner. After the accident, the instructor had to drag me to the tiny hut on the left of the picture to apologize to the malay encik. The encik was kind enough to forgive me, saying it was small damage, he could repair it easily. Till this day, I still remember this place.

Anonymous said...

r u referring to a water treatment plant at kranji? I know there was a camp there but waht SAF unit was there? someone told me that 20SA used to be boused there. Is there a road over the KTM railway track somewhere there?

yg said...

peter, i think anonymous was referring to those nissan huts after the barrier. many years ago they were used by our own army.
the newater treatment plant is before the barrier.

Anonymous said...

Peter, I was referring to the area after the barrier. yg called them nissan huts, but I've not been there for years, so I don't know how the place is like now. During the mid 90s when I was doing my NS, the camp is a training school for SAF drivers. I think there were 2 training schools at that time, the other one was in Seletar.

Victor said...

Thanks for all your responses. Most of you got the answers right.

I have updated the post with the answers and also added several photos of the two locations.

YG - I parked my car very close to the fence where the Nissen huts were. I hope I didn't cause any obstruction. :p