07 July 2007

The Heat Is On

No, I am not talking about the date today (07/07/07) being a hot date for couples to get married as reported by the Straits Times and the New Paper.

My NS friend used to say that while temperate countries have 4 seasons, Singapore has only 2. If you think that they are dry and rainy, that's not what he said. He said, "Singapore's 2 seasons are hot and hotter". Although this friend often babbled nonsense, this was one of the rare occasions when he spoke a lot of sense. This time of the year must be the hotter season he was talking about.

With temperatures forecast to hit 33-34 deg Celsius (C) on a few hot days within these two weeks, the heat is on.

Coupled with high relative humidity of more than 90 percent, tonight felt hot as hell (pardon the pun). It was so bloody hot that a butterfly chose to rest inside my fan for some cool relief!

I just read news about western US states currently sweltering under a record heatwave. I immediately thought of Tigerfish who, according to information on her blogsite, is either in Singapore or California. I thought I saw a phrase "Now In Singapore" somewhere on her blog's side panel today. Looks like whether she is in Singapore or California, there is no escape from sweltering heat.

ABC News even reported that temperatures in part of the West were climbing so high that authorities warned residents of southern Nevada, southeastern California and northwestern Arizona that outdoor activities could be dangerous except during the cooler early morning hours. Phoenix reached 115 deg Fahrenheit (F); Baker, California, reached 125 deg F (52 deg C).

There was even the tragic news of 1-year-old boy being found dead on Wednesday evening in a locked car in temperatures approaching 100 deg F (38 deg C) in Orofino, Idaho. He was locked in the car for about 5 hours when passers-by noticed him. The boy's stepgrandmother was charged for his death.


In her comment to this post, Etel asked whether the insect in the above photo was a butterfly or a moth. According to her, the former rests with its wings spread open (like in the photo) while the later rests with its wings closed together. I am no naturalist but you know what... Etel may just be right. You see, an earlier photo I took of the insect was indeed with its wings closed:

Besides, I understand that butterflies are more colourful than moths. I think this insect is colourful enough to qualify as a butterfly, doesn't it? I would appreciate any comments from my naturalist friends like Otterman and Cool Insider.

Does anyone know how I managed to get the insect to open its wings for the top photo then?


etel said...

eh... is that a moth or a butterfly? how come butterfly spread its wings? normally they will close their wings while resting? or they are too hot so they disperse their heat through opening their wings? lol

Victor said...

Etel - Oh my, you're really such a smart girl! For my answer to your question, please see the update in the post. I got a question for you in there too, hee.

meow said...

know nothing about moths vs butterflies.

just to say hello!!

Victor said...

Hi Meow. So nice of you to say hello. Hope life is treating you well. :)

Cool Insider said...

Hi Victor,

The Lepidoteran species which you ensnared in your fan is definitely a butterfly. I believe that its wings were open then instead of closed (which is the normal resting position) because the err...space in your fan isn't very wide leh... Besides it has a proboscis (a long tube like drinking mouth part) which is characteristic of a butterfly.

You can find out more about the differences between moths and butterflies here.

Victor said...

Cool Insider - Thanks a lot for the information and the link. Wah, you are obviously an expert on the subject.

Its wings were originally closed (2nd photo). When I tried to open the fan's protective cover to let it out, it flew around in the fan and then came to a rest with its wings open. Maybe it was too frightened and hence forgot to close them, heh. That was when I snapped the 1st photo.

stanley said...

I believe the butterfly flew into the fan when it was not switched on. It then rested with its wings closed. You could have turned on the fan in your attempt to drive it away, but it stood its ground with its wings open.

Victor said...

Stanley - Your first 2 sentences are correct. The correct answer is given in my comment just above yours. :)

I did not turn the fan on for fear that the turning blades might kill the butterfly.

tigerfish said...

It must be so hot that the sweat "blurred" your vision - since when got "Now in Singapore" in my blog?

The heat in Sg is different from CA. Sg's heat comes with high humidity, and there is a horrible sensation.

And oh yes, sometimes there are advisory esp for old pple and kids to minimize outdoor activities in hot temperature since there is always higher pollutants level in the atmosphere when the weather is hot!

Victor said...

Tigerfish - My eyes are not playing tricks on me. I got proof here.

etel said...

oops im late for this comment... coolinsider, very goodddddddddddd replyyyyyyyy :D